shutterstock_108799703Among the biggest challenges in content marketing is producing enough quality content for all the various channels we use to distribute information. According to the Content Marketing Institute’s annual report, 64 percent of B2B content marketers say they are challenged with producing enough content. For Internet marketing firms and corporate marketing departments alike, the key to solving this problem lies is in getting the most out of the content you already have through re-purposing.

Let’s say that this month you want to do a white paper, an ebook, a byline article, two press releases, two media pitches and a series of three blog posts. Got 10 ideas for those 10 pieces of content? Thought not. Instead, think about the three big ideas you want to focus on, then fashion the content plan to fit those ideas. Vital to that plan is re-purposing your content across your distribution channels.

Re-Purposing Works in Both Directions

That white paper establishing your tech company’s thought leadership in a particular vertical can become a series of blog posts. The suggestions made in the byline article can be turned into a press release you pre-pitch to trade media as part of your technology public relations efforts. Need content for social media sharing? Tell people about all that valuable new content you’re putting out.

Re-purposing works both ways. You can create blog posts from a white paper or combine three or four posts into a white paper. The key is not to merely cut and paste, but to use the base material to create the foundation of the new piece and add other elements. Those elements can be new, or, you guessed it, one’s you’ve re-purposed.

So take the best of those blog posts, as well as examples from your videos and that PowerPoint presentation, add some new content with appropriate transitions and you’ve got yourself an e-book. At our Dallas marketing firm, we consider re-purposing early — even as we weigh various story ideas. Stories that can be re-purposed have an edge over ones that can’t.

The Payoffs Are All About Time

Re-purposing gives you two things, and they both have to do with time – something we all could use more of. By re-purposing content, you give yourself more time to do the bigger projects that always seem to get pushed back. Now you can do that video or that infographic the boss has been wanting.

The second benefit to re-purposing is that your content stays useful longer. You worked hard to produce that piece and get it approved. So, make the most of it. Re-purpose it.