Regardless of how the business, the web and global markets shift, there are certain foundation principles that remain the same. Habits and approaches that make or break every venture, online or off. And as we become more of a race expecting instant gratification in everything we do, we place everything of worth at risk as we short change our lives, business and websites.


As you continuously grow and yearn to become a pro marketer in 2014 and beyond, remember that dedication and persistence are ultimately required for success. There is no tactic that trumps these basic principles, whether it’s superb SEO or sudden virality. Therefore, I’ve chosen to go back to the basics of finding success online. These are the key ingredients that may be missing from your online venture.

So let’s go.

Start Now, Never Wait for the Right Moment

Procrastination is a disease and habit that leads to the death of the greatest ideas. If you look back, you will realize that oftentimes when you say I’ll do this or that tomorrow, it either never gets done or it takes a few weeks to a month. The ideas that are acted on with precision and in a timely manner produce the greatest fruits and an early plan leads to even earlier success. Think of the thousands of websites within your niche, most of their authors are thinking about success just as you are and what can be done to get it; so if you do not act now, someone else will.

The longer you take to act on the marketing ideas you develop for your business, the further away you push success and attract “last place” achievements.

Set Monthly Targets

If you have no targets and goals to work towards then your path is a random one which offers zero guarantee for success. Without a map or technique, a sailor is lost at sea with very little hope of finding land. Have fun with your online business while setting clear and realistic goals over specific periods of time whether you blog for play or profit. Whatever your reason for blogging may be, I’m sure there are certain indicators you will use to measure your desired type of success.

Develop daily, weekly or monthly plans that clearly outline what is required of you at each stage of your journey as well as what will be gained. This will be the map that leads you to success online.

Try New Things & Take Risks

The blogosphere is getting tired of old regurgitated content; if your only means of coming up with article is copying someone else’s style or content, then you need to quit right now. Study your niche to discover what is missing, then fill that need effectively. Go the extra mile to deliver something new to your audience; make it authentic, use your own fresh style and they will remember you and respect you for it. The spirit of the internet is all things NEW and if you can bring this to your blog regularly then you will be well on your way to great success with massive influence.

Be Bold, Do More

Be confident in all that you do online and others will follow you. To be confident, you will need to put the work in, study your niche, pay attention to the trends and learn from your experiences. Make it your duty to experience something new in your niche daily and deliver your experiences through your blog. Readers react and are influenced by experiences expressed genuinely and ones they can relate to. Become a great story teller and share your gems with your readers.

Take Networking to the Next Level

Without trust and influence you may not find much success through online publishing and the best way to gain these is to truly connect with your audience and friends online. To connect you need to: say “thank you,” engage your followers and friends in healthy discussions that encourage, educate and provide some value, make their interests your’s in some way and show that you care. Being anti-social does not work so use the free tools that are available to you online; YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. These tools close the gap between you and your audience and prospects.

Complete At Least 2 Difficult Tasks Everyday

No pain, no gain. The most effective way to grow and become stronger at whatever you do is to overcome your fears and other challenges that come your way. Never run away or be shy when difficulties present themselves, these are not problems but are unique opportunities to develop your skills; making you stronger and smarter than you could ever imagine. If you should reflect on the past and the unimaginable difficulties that you have actually overcome, you will realize that most were not as bad as you initially thought and you are now wiser than before. Apply this to your online efforts and always remember that to every difficulty there is a solution with much to be gained.

Go Back To The Old Drawing Board

As you make new plans, remember previous ones that went by unaccomplished. Maybe you did not have the resources back then to implement them or they are the victims of procrastination; but whatever they are, keep them close to your heart and find a way to implement worthwhile ones. They may be perfect for the current leg of your blogging journey.

Learn From Mistakes

If you feel as though you did not achieve anything in prior years, the best thing you could do for yourself is learn from all the mistakes you’ve made. In fact, if you’ve been doing your best and still haven’t achieved, do not be fooled, as some of the greatest lessons can be learned from misfortune. As a maker of mistakes, you know more than anyone else what not to do. Be smart, own your mistakes, recognize what could be done differently and apply this wealth of knowledge to the execution of your blogging strategy.


Be passionate about your online business, learn from your mistakes, apply what you’ve learned to your master plan, love your audience, provide great value, build trust and plan ahead. Operate as though success is the only option, envision nothing else and you will find your success.

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