Kapost content management application streamlines B2B copywriting.Note:  This is not a paid endorsement, nor am I receiving any monetary (or dark chocolate :-D) incentives to write the following post.

As a B2B copywriter who produces content for blogs and social media sites, I’m always looking for ways to operate more efficiently for me and especially my clients. Writing in the B2B space often involves the approval of several people within the marcom team, and revisions generally come quickly and from several sources.  Word docs and email attachments are inefficient and prone to errors, especially when it comes to revision control.

3 Macro Reasons for Using Kapost

When one of my clients suggested I work within their Kapost workspace, I was psyched. First, the application is cloud-based, so I didn’t have to load any clients on my computer. I simply log in with the credentials my client provided.

Secondly, Kapost integrates the entire workflow from concept to final post approval.  It follows the natural copywriting process for developing content from a concept. And it’s not limited to blogs. It works equally as well with shorter form microblogs and other social posts.

Thirdly, Kapost provides visibility into the complete process.  You know when someone assigns you to write content, requests edits, approves and posts your work.  Notifications are sent via email, but you can also log in and see a history of the post since the initial concept was entered.

2 Ways Kapost Streamlines Copywriting

As a busy copywriter, I’m happy to use Kapost because it doesn’t involve additional work. Instead it streamlines my workload in two ways: (1) I write the content as I normally would, but instead of saving it as a document, attaching it to an email and sending, I enter the content directly into Kapost. (You can still use a document and simply paste your text into Kapost if you prefer); and (2) Kapost operates similarly to WordPress. Many of the fields that you may be accustomed to using in WordPress, such as those in the All in One SEO Pack, exist in Kapost along with the option to edit content visually or using html.

Kapost pricing is through a monthly subscription and based on number of users and content types in addition to a few optional items. You may need to talk to a representative to determine feasibility. However, if you’re concerned about learning curve, any copywriter who’s worked in WordPress and knows how to optimize content for search will easily adapt to Kapost.