Where is your core branded online destination? Do you have one? If not, you need to get one immediately because your content marketing efforts (and social media marketing efforts) will fail without a core branded online destination to use as the central hub for all of your content and online activities.

What is a Core Branded Online Destination?

A core branded online destination is the centerpiece of your content publishing and marketing activities to which all roads lead. In other words, everything you do online should lead back to your core branded online destination where you can offer more of your useful and meaningful content, deepen conversations, and build relationships with your audience.

I always recommend a blog as a core branded online destination for two primary reasons–control and entry points. Specifically, a blog makes an excellent core branded online destination because:

  1. You control it (unlike Facebook, Twitter, and so on).
  2. You can design it to reflect your brand promise.
  3. It’s very search engine-friendly.
  4. You can publish long pieces of content, images, videos, short content, infographics, and more on it as frequently as you want.
  5. Your audience can easily engage with you through your blog content via comments and share your content with their own audiences (assuming your blog posts include one-click social sharing buttons).

What Content Can Be Repurposed?

Take a closer look at #4 above. Did you know you can publish a wide variety of content on your blog and then repurpose that content to publish in different forms on your blog again or on numerous other websites? You can even repurpose your blog content and use it offline.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, turn a top ten list blog post into a slideshow or Pinterest pin board by adding images to each item on the list. If you published a tutorial on your blog, repurpose it as a screencast or YouTube video and share it on your Facebook Page. The survey results you published on your blog could be turned into a press release and distributed both online and offline. You can even use that data in an email or offline newsletter. Repurposing content helps you save time and effort while reaching a broader audience.

How Can Content Repurposing Extend Your Reach and Drive Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

By repurposing your blog content you give people a greater chance of seeing it and sharing it with their own audiences. This extended reach is where word-of-mouth marketing begins, and it’s a very powerful thing.

People like to consume content and interact with brands differently. Some like to read long blog posts while others prefer short Twitter updates. Some people prefer images or video over text. By repurposing your content, you can offer a variety of brand experiences so your audience can self-select how they want to interact with your brand. That’s a key goal of brand-building, and you can do it easily and affordably by repurposing your content.

Ready to Learn More?

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Did You Know?

Some of the content in this article was repurposed from my book, Content Marketing for Dummies. It’s hard to tell though, because this article is repurposed content, not duplicate content.

That’s just one more thing I’ll talk about during the March 5th webinar, so be sure to register!

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