During the first quarter of 2014, Scoop.it conducted a survey of over 1,500 professionals who had been using content curation as a part of their content marketing strategy over the previous year. While it’s old news that more marketers are turning to content marketing and curation & making more space in their strategies for both, we wanted to find out what actually happened once these marketers had taken the proverbial leap.

Overall, the findings demonstrate measurable business results as a result of content curation, and an even higher perceived value of curation for the upcoming business year.

Before using turning to curation, the top two challenges faced by content marketers were reportedly finding the time to publish relevant content and finding the time to maintain an online presence both professionally and on behalf of a business. Respectively, 88% and 64% of those surveyed reported that using curation over the course of a year had a moderate to significant impact on solving these problems.

Among the other top reported issues solved by curation were improving SEO, managing large amounts of content on a specific topic, and finding enough relevant content to share on a regular basis.

Solving some of content marketing’s greatest woes is just the first part of the impact of content curation, though. Scoop.it also asked respondents to define their main content marketing goals as they relate to business objectives. The top three reported business objectives of the professionals surveyed were engaging audiences on social media, building thought leadership, and educating customers.

When asked to evaluate the perceived impact of curation on these goals, over two thirds of respondents reported a moderate to significant impact.

Finally, respondents reported plans to continue expanding the use of curation as a part of their content marketing strategies, with over 90% predicting a measurable impact on business goals for the upcoming year.

There are endless resources available for professionals to begin learning about content curation, and it still isn’t too late to launch a curation-based strategy for 2014.

Begin feeding your content marketing needs today for better results tomorrow. Say bye to the buzzword and find out how Scoop.it can help you get the ball rolling.

This post originally appeared on the Scoop.it blog.