Content Managers never fail to impress others with jargons like content marketing which means any format through which content is made and shared or published. Content marketers do these tasks in a very effective way which in turn makes the content relevant and valuable. Creating Value and relevance is in fact content marketing to its entirety!

The Content Marketing institute has the following to say about content marketing:

The idea of content marketing is to attract and retain customers by creating and curating relevant and valuable content.

In the context of content management, marketing does not carry the conventional meanings. In this specific context content marketing is all about creating, disseminating and distributing content that is not only rich in information but also is customer oriented. That means it focuses on what the customer or the user of the information wants to know.

This is because buyers, users or customers are prudent and rational. If marketers provide valuable and relevant information the potential buyer, user or customer would welcome the information and most probably end up buying your stuff. More importantly you might get rewarded by his loyalty.

Success stories, best practices and big-hit examples can be easily found emphasizing on the fact that content marketing as important as any other function of an organization. Every company, every business man needs boosted sales coupled with brand loyalty and the key to is content marketing.

Keys That Do Wonders for the Marketers

The Importance of Relevance and Value

The above provided sentences about content marketing by the Content Marketing Institute include the words relevant and valuable. If we ignore these words what we are left with is the conventional approach to marketing that never lead to any prosperous success. The definition seems incomplete without these words.

Would anyone buy your product if you market it as something identically and functionally same to your competitor’s?

Would you include information about a vacuum cleaner in an article about a LED television?

So, relevance and value both have an important impact on your potential customers.

Focus on the Buyer

All the content marketers out there make desperate mistakes in pursuit of success. Well mistakes are forgivable but blunders aren’t. Seeing every single person you come through as your potential customer is the biggest mistake a marketer can make.

We should select a target audience for our product. For that purpose creating customer personas is an effective way to ascertain your targeted buyer.

By creating customers personas what we actually do is unify our target market with different kinds of attributes, feelings, emotions, experiences and thinking patterns. The marketers try to get himself in the shoes of the customer so that he may know how the customer feels, reacts and thinks. This is an effective way to know the customer, his likes and dislikes, his varying attitudes, his problems, his wishes and so on.

Understanding the potential customers and our target market leads the marketer to know what is important to the customer and what is valuable and relevant to them!


Knowing the Dynamics of Customer Behavior

The marketer initially, while digging into the knowledge of understanding the customer behavior, doesn’t know how deep the rabbit hole goes. Marketers in order to know more and more about their customers carry on never ending struggles. The results are amazing. Such strategies cannot fail. In the end the marketer knows that the result is satisfactory and that his struggle was worth it.