We’ve all done it: spent time and created a video, released it out into the wild, only to realize that it really wasn’t very good; it didn’t resonate with our audience. Maybe it wasn’t some PR nightmare, but it certainly didn’t accomplish the purpose that we had intended; it just didn’t “work.” Hindsight is certainly 20/20 and sometimes you don’t know that you’ve made a stinker until after you notice that the views of your video remain stuck in the single digits. So what now? What do you do after you make a bad video?

Make use of feedbackthumbsdownblog

The comments section of your YouTube video can humble even the largest ego. Don’t let the petty trolling of some viewers get to you, but there can be some constructive criticism provided by your audience that can be incredibly helpful. What didn’t they like about your video? Why didn’t they like it? Was it production related? Was there some technical issue that kept them from enjoying the video? Was your information outdated? Did your talent enhance or distract from your message? Take note of some of this valuable feedback and make use of it in the future.

Learn from your mistakes

Make a list of what did and didn’t work about the video. Be honest with yourself. Everybody makes mistakes. Your videos will never improve if you fool yourself into thinking that everything you create is YouTube gold. Recognize where mistakes were made and determine what you can do to avoid them in the future.

Keep making videos!

Don’t let one dud scare you into no longer creating content for your audience. Not every video you shoot is going to be the next “Charlie Bit Me,” but you still have something important to communicate to your audience; you still have stories that need to be told, and there is no one more qualified to tell them than you.

Bottom line: when you’ve made a dud of a video, get back up, dust yourself off, plan it all out, and make your next video better than the last one!