real estate content writingOne of the up and coming areas of content writing is real estate content writing.  More and more brokers and realtors are getting into the content writing groove now than ever before—and for good reasons.  This holiday season, if you’re looking to sell properties, consider what real estate content writing can do for you.

Real estate is a game of numbers.  In a business where the mantra is “sell, sell, sell!” it’s vital to get your product out to as wide a group of people as possible.  However, as a real estate agent or broker, your needs are local.  While it’s beneficial for a real estate agent out of Las Vegas to advertisement across the strip, it’s less helpful if the advertisements are showing up in New York City.  Real estate content writing can help you find those localized (or specialized—there very well could be somebody in New York City wishing to purchase land in Las Vegas, after all) potential clients who are in the market for the property you wish to sell.

It’s all about matching up the right client with the right house.  With real estate content marketing, your marketing campaign becomes in touch with Google to the point where carefully-chosen keywords connect the interested client with your product.

Does Real Estate Content Writing Work?

Don’t just take our word for it when it comes to the power of real estate content writing.  Take the word of  According to a survey done where a portrait of the typical homebuyer or seller was created, individuals doing in-home research on real estate were likely to search for information in the following areas:

·     Internet: 74%

·     Real  estate agent: 69%

·     Yard  sign: 22%

·     Open  house: 12%

·     Newspaper  ad: 9%

·     Home  book or magazine: 6%

If you take advantage of real estate content writing as an agent, you’re reaching out to a large population of homebuyers and sellers who are looking to get their information off of the internet.  Also consider the following statistic: 9 in 10 buyers used the Internet during the home search process—compared to 88% who looked up a local real estate agent.

Get involved with content writing, and start reeling in the customers like you haven’t since the housing bubble burst!  Being on top of the real estate world is tough, but real estate content writing can take you there.


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