If the idea of creating an effective lifecycle marketing strategy makes you sweat, have no fear. It’s actually possible to create a straightforward, effective marketing strategy overnight. Sure, there are a few steps you’ll need to go through first, but once you’ve followed them, you’ll be able to fit your marketing activities into your daily routine and reach your goals that much faster.

What is a Lifecycle Marketing Strategy?

Lifecycle marketing is all about engaging relationships and has quickly replaced the conventional approach to marketing, yielding real and consistent results. Lifecycle marketing strategies focus on the company or individuals, depending on your business model, and their long term relationship with your brand. This marketing approach is behavior based, making it easier to nurture loyalty through consistent engagement at every phase of the client’s journey.

The following steps will help you quickly build an effective lifecycle marketing strategy overnight.

Define Your Brand and Mission
This part of the process should be easy because it deals with your business, the one thing you know better than anybody else. So, who is “Your Company”? Do you sell products or services? What do you promise your clients? Most important of all – what’s your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? Is there an obvious need or your products or services? Does your business seem to be shrinking or growing? Who is your competition? Does your brand offer something that so far the competition hasn’t been able to provide?


Defining Your Customers
Who are your customers? If you haven’t done it already, take a couple of hours to put together a profile for them, including sex, age, income, geographic location, etc. If you’re marketing to a business, but together a profile that includes the industry, title/function of your contact and the company size. Next, ask yourself what they want, what motivates them and what they’re more likely to respond to (low prices, special promotions, the pain/pleasure principle, etc.). How do they usually make their buying decisions? What type of media do they subscribe to? Which social media sites do they frequent? Who are their key influencers?

Create Your Primary Marketing Message
This is your “elevator speech” and every business needs one. It needs to include your all-important value proposition, relay the problem that your product/services solve for your prospects and/or clients and include your USP and benefits.

Identify Possible Obstacles and Risks
What are some of the obstacles you need to prevail over and risks to avoid with your lifecycle marketing strategy? Whether it’s negative reviews or being new in the industry with a limited budget, it’s important to face these issues in order to combat them with your marketing and succeed in spite of them.

Just Get Started
Don’t lock up – take action. Even the best among us has gotten stuck in procrastination mode, out of fear of failure. The fact is that, by just getting started, you’ll gain momentum and along the way, clarity will come and you’ll be on your way to success. In other words, stop questioning yourself and learn as you go, making adjustments along the way.


It’s All About Testing
A successful lifecycle marketing strategy is all about testing. Come up with a theory and test out different messages, channels, photos, social content, videos, blog posts, etc. Continuously testing and adjusting will make it possible to build a successful lifecycle marketing strategy overnight that generates real results.

Celebrate Your Successes
Don’t forget to celebrate your wins – celebrating your successes will keep you motivated. Let’s face it, in the business world, it’s easy to rush on to the “next thing” and not take a moment to celebrate accomplishments.

The video below goes into a more detailed explanation of lifecycle marketing and how it can be used to get more leads, grow revenue and save time.


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