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Running your website efficiently is one of the most important things that you can do as a business owner. The trouble is that many people have trouble keeping up with the amount of content they need to produce in order to keep their website fresh and interesting so their prospective customers will keep coming back for more.

One way to get this is to re-use your content in a strategic manner. The easiest way to do this is to turn it into different formats.

Multimedia content

You can transform the content into other media formats, such as slideshows, infographic, audio, and/or video. In this way you can cater to the learning styles and preferences of the people interested in your niche.

Creating audio blog posts

To start creating audio blog posts, you need content and a good microphone. Editing software, such as Audacity, might also help if you want to edit your files, add music at the start or end, such as in a podcast, and so on.

Look at your most successful pages on your site and turn them into popular new audio content. Read the post word for word, or use it as talking points for a podcast, webinar, or even interview with someone in your niche.

Publishing your audio content

Once you have your audio file, you have to make it accessible to your audience. You could upload it to your site, but the files tend to be very large and will eat up your bandwidth. The playback could also be clunky.

A better option is to upload it to an audio file sharing site such as SoundCloud. You can start with a free trial, and an annual membership is very affordable.

Make your listing look great

You should have a great title, description and tags or keywords you know the people in your niche use, in order to make your content easily discovered by your target audience. As long as you set your file to Public, it can be heard by anyone on SoundCloud and will be discoverable on search engines, as well. If you want only people who have a link to hear it, set it to Unlisted. Decide if you want to let people download it onto their MP3 players by checking or unchecking that option.

SoundCloud gives you the chance to upload art, like a cover art on an album. The best size is 800 x 800 pixels. For category, choose Spoken word.

Embedding your content at your site

Once the file is uploaded, look for the Share tab on your page, and for your embed code. There will be 2 choices. One is for any website. The other is the short code for a WordPress blog post.

No matter which you choose, when your visitors land on the page, they will see a little player with an arrow for play, buttons for pause, and so on.

Share with social media

You can use the social share buttons at SoundCloud, and/or any share buttons you have at your site or blog, in order to spread the word about your great audio content.