Last fall, a research report was released by Ecollo Media titled, 2011 B2B Technology Collateral Survey Report. This 17-page report is a content marketer’s road map on what material should be produced to capture the attention of a prospect.  Even though it was targeted for technology purchases, implications can be drawn for any market segment I believe.

A couple graphs from the report speak volumes to me about what your information hungry prospects want from you.  The first one shows the type of collateral preferences.

Ecollo Media Research report

Notice the increase in all categories.  I view this chart as a mandate from your prospects to create content for them.  Feed them success stories, not sales hype.  Show them via case studies, as an example, how you solved a client’s problem with your unique solution.

Another finding from this study was regarding embedded media in your information pieces.  The graph below indicated the increase in influence a piece has with embedded video or audio.  With this added influence, a person is more likely to pass the piece along to a colleague, a boss or another interested party.

Ecollo Media research

You want a viral component to your material, don’t you?  By adding the embedded media, your chances of a piece “going viral” are much higher!

If you were my client, I would say…

If we were to have a conversation today, I would challenge you by saying:

  • you are sitting on a mountain of great material
  • there are a gazillion success stories than only a handful of internal people know about
  • your happy clients are willing to sing your praises, if you let them
  • you can distinguish yourself from the competition by the quality of information you provide

It takes time and effort to produce content.  You may or may not have the internal staff to help you produce your content.  I would be pleased to augment your team and work with you on producing the information your prospects are seeking.  So let’s talk…content.