When it comes to content these days, people crave the creme de la creame. Industry trends, disruptive stories, controversial headlines and repurposed content—these can all generate easy traffic.

But what really catches eyes and generates brand awareness and increased loyalty is that unique piece of content with a personal and human insight. Issues can arise if the the content isn’t up to professional par and sometimes people can struggle with original ideas and concepts. Don’t get discouraged or think “Time to throw in the towel and walk away,” we can help! With the right direction and tips, anyone and any company can create content that is engaging, creative and digestible.

So what’s the secret sauce of quality content? Think about these 5 suggestions when drafting content

Scan the Social Realm:

No need to reinvent the wheel or go down a rabbit hole trying to draft unique content. Tap into the content that your friends and followers are already collaborating on. This doesn’t mean just copy and paste and call it your own, it means connect with that content that already exists and recreate the concepts in your own voice.

Connect with Quality:

It’s imperative to distinguish what sort of content you want your audience to connect with in terms of: What content will they potentially re-share. And that is quality content. But quality doesn’t have to be boring and constantly industry focused. Keep it light and even entertaining. We follow the 80-20 Model: 80% light content, 20% industry, brand focused content. People will be more inclined to click through to content that brings them something positive and light.

Stand Out Amongst the Masses:

Think big, bold, rich, bright. Keep content lively and radiant by transforming your thoughts into stories that stand out and get noticed. Pack your words with a punch! You may not be able to compete with Celebrity selfies or the infamous dancing dogs on Buzzfeed but don’t worry you can still get noticed by creating rich and value-add content.

Connect the Dots:

Scan your networks and connect with those who are also socially engaged. Your friends, your customers and industry influencer can be a refreshing source of quality content. Mimic the best practices they follow and adopt the same content mentality. It can be entertaining as well as educational and it will expand your reach across your networks.

Kooky works!

We are not kidding. Guess how many posts are shared daily across social platforms: 27 million! Yes. 27 million! Going off-brand and sticking to the roots of what makes you unique. So if you think it’s weird or kooky as we put it, don’t worry! It’s you and your content. This is the content that is eye-catching and captivating. So stay true to your roots and you individuality.

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