Is your offer converting as you would like it to?

Sometimes, you can create a great offer for your target audience, yet the conversion rate remains poor. This can happen just because you neglected to include some or one of the must-have elements of a highly converting business landing page.

Here is my solicitation:

Do not publish your business landing page without the below mentioned elements.

You’ve been advised!


Image by Ben Jordan via Pinterest

Business Landing Page Element 1: Headline

Your landing page’s main headline is what delivers your message. A landing page headline needs to be fine-tuned and polished to the very punctuation mark.

A landing page headline needs to be fine-tuned and polished to the very punctuation mark.

Do not place anything less than super accurate as your headline – because it will determine whether the rest of your business landing page will even be glanced at, or not.

All of your work will have been in vain, unless you can come up with a crystal clear and intriguing headline for your landing page. A visitor should not be able to resist the urge to check your offer further, and at the same time – to be able to imagine what they are going to get if they continue reading.

If you have no idea what you’re doing, just tell them what they get.

Here are some pertinent examples:



The TeamStory headline is precise and descriptive. I know exactly what’s going to happen next, in case I choose to follow through with their call to action and click that button. I’ve not tried this service myself, but I imagine something like: ‘Facebook for start-ups’. A place where entrepreneurs can connect and give advice to one another, while testing what they come up with on people who possess similar interests and objectives.

Did I get it right? Let me know in the comments area below.



Here’s another fine example of an eloquent headline, which informs me of the benefits of the offer and the main purpose of the whole service. I can imagine myself walking down a foreign country’s main avenue pulling up the iTranslate app to help me translate what the locals are saying.

Easy peasy.

To add to that, there’s that handy Play video button under the headline – to serve as a complementary visualization of whatever you imagined as you read the headline.



As a final example for our headlines section I brought along the ‘Positionly’ page, with its concise headline. It succeeds in letting you know what the product is all about, while adding a value to it: the promise to simplify what is commonly grasped as complicated.

They also chose to complete it with a subtitle that provides more specific details, just to make sure you take the bait.

An Actionable Tip: Construct a few headlines and A/B test to see which one is converting better than the rest, for your business landing page.

You should first apply the Headline Breath Test to it, and then, use the A/B testing mechanism built into your landing page builder, to find out which one performs better.

Here’s how I do it inside Pagewiz:

Watch: Headline Split Testing

Business Landing Page Element 2: Body Copy

Once your visitor gets past the headline and decides to take a closer look at your offer, it is the body copy of your offer that can push them towards your call to action (and possibly take action). Your body copy should provide key information about the offer in a succinct manner. You should use bullet lists or short paragraphs for better readability.

Actionable Tip: Improve the readability of your body copy with the readability score tool.

Business Landing Page Element 3: Visuals

Graphic elements and video can make a positive impact on the conversion rate of your offer. We’ve discussed why you want to use video on your landing page.

Actionable Tip: A/B test the color, placement, and presentation of your visual contents. Go for the combination that creates more conversions. Duh..

Audience Entertainment

The Audience Entertainment page demonstrates a headline that combines very well with the background image, in a way that reveals the product’s objective, while maintaining a high interest level. I feel like my curiosity is not immediately satisfied, and am eager to learn more, while I can begin to imagine what’s going on in theaters in which this is installed.

Without this demonstrative visual – I’m not sure I would have been able to grasp the interactivity dimension of it. Using only text to try to explain this product’s value would have made it difficult to grasp, and subsequently less likely to awaken the desire to learn more about it.

Business Landing Page Element 4: CTA

Your page’s Call to Action is a super important part of your offer. If you don’t have a great call to action – your offer may convert less, despite having a great headline and body copy, which may even be accompanied by stunning visuals.

You can have one or more calls to action on your offer, depending on its length. Some would claim that a page must have a call to action button/form on the immediately visible area of your offer which is called “Above the Fold”: on an online page is everything that can be seen without having to scroll down. Others doubt the whole ‘Above the Fold’ concept.

Actionable Tip: Placing a Call to Action button beside the headline is a standard practice and is documented to result in better conversions.


On this landing page, specifically, I’d make sure that the cute background image used – does not “fight over attention” with the text placed on top of it. I’m certain that some people are not having an easy time deciding what to focus on first.


Do not launch your business landing page campaign sans the above mentioned important elements. Many optimization tests were made to verify this, and no page lacking them managed to convert as well as a page that followed these straightforward recommendations.

They are the meat and potatoes of every business landing page campaign, and you should not launch without ‘em.

You’ve got your potential lead browsing your landing page – now blow their mind!