So you’ve spent hours perfecting the audio, script, and vision of your next video for publishing. Now you’re left with a masterpiece and you don’t know how to get it out there into the world of the internet. What many people often fail to recognize is that one of the most important tools you can utilize is the power of influence. This doesn’t mean you have to be some hot shot celebrity either. Here are a couple of things to consider when you’re beginning the promotional process:

Your friends & colleagues value your opinion.
Your first obligation is to ensure what you have is share worthy. Will sharing this compromise the trust your friends and colleagues have placed in your ability to select valuable content? Is your video truly worth their time to watch? If you believe it is, help them understand why.

Your five year old niece does not need to see that tobacco commercial.
Though your friends and colleagues value your opinion, don’t bombard them with things that aren’t of interest to them. Recognize the value in locating your target audience. If you promote your video all willy-nilly you’ll not only become an annoyance, but you’ll lose credibility. Stick to a promotional strategy. Also recognize that some topics can be sensitive so it’s important to be selective.

Social groups exist for a reason – don’t be afraid to branch out.
Does this video present a new interest or viewpoint of yours? If so, there may be some additional Facebook pages, LinkedIn Groups, Meetups, etc. which could also benefit from your new found knowledge. A little exploration can open up a lot of new doors. Does your Association have a channel for member submitted video?

Professional vs. personal… or both.
Is this one of those tobacco commercials you don’t want your niece to get a hold of, yet is important to your business? Is this a video montage of your kid’s birthday party? Each of these videos could be considered “shareable” yet probably not appropriate in the same places. Knowing your message and publishing it in the proper place will help you avoid being a nuisance and looking like you didn’t do your research. Remember the Sharepocolypse.