When people think of content marketing, they probably think only of the content they create. But content marketing goes well beyond that of just the content you create. If you’re only creating content and nothing else, then how is your content supposed to find your potential customers?

Promoting your content is just as important as creating the content. One without the other, and you have a failed content marketing plan.

Your content speaks to the consumers, but it has to reach the consumers before it does any talking. It’s like trying to get a job. When you’re doing an interview, you’re talking yourself up with your words. Your words are your content. However, if you don’t promote yourself, how are you supposed to get an interview in the first place? Without promoting yourself, you don’t get an interview, therefore your words, or your content, reaches no one.

There’s many strategies for promoting your content, so here’s a few:

This is important for long-term content promotion. When you initially create your content and promote it on social media, blogs, etc., you’ll most likely get a lot of views and interactions right from the start. But that will settle down, and you want to ensure your content is ready for the long haul well beyond that of its initial promotion. By including strong keyword phrasing with your titles and descriptions, you’re making sure your content will find the right people and be visible.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has become a great source for brand building and professional connections. You can simply post your content on LinkedIn and leave it as is. And I’m not saying this isn’t a bad strategy. But you can take it a BIG step further and post to groups. Of course, you’ll have to do some searching for groups, some of which require permission to join. But once you’ve found groups that share the same interest as your business, then you can begin sharing your content knowing that its going to the right people.

These are only a few strategies to use to promote your content. If you’d like learn more about 3 key strategies we use to promote our content, please take a look at the short video clip above.