Every organization needs to manage multiple social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The process is cumbersome. Platforms like Radian6 and HootSuite allow you to manage one company’s account by monitoring, measuring, analyzing and reporting their social media usage. However, these are not suitable for organizations that have the added burden of conveying a message through affiliates. What if you’re part of a larger network? Founded by Phil Elias and Mick Twomey in 2010, PointBurst was a participant in this year’s SXSW and is a great tool if you have a top-down structure.

PointBurst is a social media syndication platform that has recently changed their options (and might do so again by time you read this, as they have new iterations monthly):

PointBurst Partner

PointBurst Partner gives publishers a way to distribute content to affiliates while maintaining brand consistency. It is done by connecting partners to the main brand PointBurst account, then having the manager of the brand account put out information through the affiliates as if it being done by the partners themselves, allowing a unified message.

Pricing starts at $13 per month per partner, with special rates available for enterprise customers. Connected networks include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and pulling videos from YouTube. PointBurst intends to add WordPress, Tumbler, Pinterest, and other niche platforms in the near future.

PointBurst Advocate

Aimed at non-profits, this is the same as the Partner model, with the added bonus of it being free to charitable organizations.

PointBurst Promote

Similar to the above, but used to distribute content through a fan base.

Nothing was exchanged or offered by PointBurst for this post.