Okay. Here’s what you need.

2 oz. tequila.

1 oz. lime juice.

1 oz. Cointreau.

Oh, and 3 big ice cubes.

You have got the perfect content marketing cocktail.

Well, not quite. Not that easy at least.

Crafting the right content marketing strategy can always be a drag. And that’s the reason why over 70 percent business marketers are not satisfied with their content marketing endeavours.

How should you write a blog?

Should you include a white paper?

What is user-generated content?

How do you create viral content?

Questions like these haunt every content marketer.

To answer your questions, I present a great infographic by JBH.co.uk below. Well, you might not be able to prepare the best content marketing mix as of yet. But this infographic will sure help you.

content marketing strategy