Paying for content from a professional marketing company can seem crazy.

Paying for content — blue man in business suit in front of orange paper and pencil

Why not just have an intern whip up some content for you?

I’ll tell you why (and you may not like the answer, but it’s the truth).

Because your intern sucks.

Your intern isn’t a trained writer.

Your intern doesn’t know a damn thing about writing content that persuades, informs, or directs customers.

Maybe your intern knows a little HTML and CSS, maybe they know how to put together a sentence or paragraph — heck, maybe they even know some marketing principles!

They took marketing 201 after all.

But that’s insufficient. Having an intern, or your cousin, or your friend’s brother’s wife who published a children’s book in the ‘90s, write the marketing content for your website…

Or your brochure…

Or even your business cards…

Is crazy.

Here’s why.

Paying for Content From a Professional Is an Investment — Paying for Content From an Amateur Is Setting Money on Fire

(Oh, and FYI, it’s equally crazy to write your own content, but I’ll get into that bit a little later.)

Having an intern or a secretary or an employee who isn’t a professional writer create your content is crazy.

Here’s why.

Your website has a variety of functions:

  • To display your product or service
  • To let people know you exist
  • To help people find you and contact you
  • To bring in leads

It may also have these functions:

  • To sell a product or service directly
  • To support existing customers
  • To take payments

So ask yourself this — are you willing to lose leads because prospects don’t know what to do once they land on your website?

Or because your content sounds like a college essay?

Do you want people to be confused when they go on your website to make a payment?

Do you want them to have difficulty understanding your product? Or difficulty researching you and your company?

Do you want them to get lost as they search diligently for a way to purchase your service?

Do you want to lose money? Or prospects? Or time?

If you’re not paying for content, or you’re “paying for content” by paying an intern or some random person or employee to write for you, you’re paying a higher price.

You’re paying in lost leads.

You’re paying in lost sales.

You’re paying in unhappy customers.

You’re paying with the integrity of your business and the image of your brand.

You may be thinking, “Ok, fine! I’ll just write it myself!

Gear it down big shifter.

Even if You Can Write Your Content Yourself, You Shouldn’t

The main reason? Confirmation bias.

Also the blind spot bias.

Or any of the dozens and dozens of biases affecting our ability to see the truth about ourselves and our endeavours.

(Enjoy that list, you can get lost in it for days.)

The point is this — you’re in too deep.

You run the show, you know your business inside and out, you know the minor details that make you the expert you are.

This is bad (at least, it’s bad for writing content).

You’ll make assumptions about what your customers know, assumptions that are completely unconscious, assumptions that are wrong.

You’ll write at a level that’s too high, or too low, for your customers. You’ll miss things that an outside observer will see in an instant.

You’ll even miss simple things — doubled words, typos, missing punctuation.

These are things an outside writer, paired with a good proofreader, will catch in an instant.

There’s Actually a More Important Reason You Shouldn’t Write Your Own Content

If you write it, you won’t be able to evaluate it properly.

If you’re paying for content from a professional, you can read over what they’ve written and notice mistakes or issues immediately.

It will be much simpler to get your content where you need it to be.

If you write it yourself, you’re just going to have a harder time finding issues.

Oh, and it will probably take you a lot longer to write it than you think it will.

Paying for content lets you avoid these issues.

Your Website or Print Content Is an Investment in Your Business — Don’t Skimp

You get what you pay for — that’s the ugly truth about marketing.

If you don’t pay someone who’s trained to write marketing content, you’re making your marketing less effective.

You’re paying for mediocrity.

Which is crazy.

Because you’re anything but mediocre.

Your brand is anything but mediocre.

Why wouldn’t you want the best for both?

Great marketing content can increase your sales.

It can generate more leads.

It can reduce customer complaints and customer service calls.

It can make your job a heck of a lot easier.

Your website, or your brochure, or your pay-per-click ad, or your Facebook page, can become useful tools in your effort to bring customers into the fold.

If they’re written right.

That’s the real value of paying for content — it’s like bringing on a new salesperson and customer service agent all wrapped into one.

You’re investing in the future profitability of your business.

You’re ensuring that your website supports your brand, helps your customers, and does what you need it to do.

Pay a Professional so You Can Get Back to Being a Professional

You’re a professional.

You have work to do.

You don’t have time to clean up messes (which is what you’ll have to do if you pay an intern or family friend to write your marketing content).

Paying for content is the best way to ensure you can focus on your business (and not marketing).

Get it taken care of now, so you don’t have to worry about it in the future.

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