Writer’s block is inevitable for anyone who writes copy for marketing purposes. And as SEO increasingly shifts its focus from keywords to quality written content, digital marketers will likely be writing material much more frequently than before. We recently did a post concerning how developing great content as part of your SEO campaign strategy is becoming more and more important.

Unfortunately, when it comes to words, we all get stuck. The copy isn’t materializing, and it can be easy to become frustrated. Here are a few tips to overcoming this inconvenient part of the writing process:

1.    Start with what you know

Throw a few ideas around—this is a time for brainstorming. It doesn’t have to all be figured out before you begin writing. If you don’t know anything other than how you want the post to end, start writing that—the rest will come with time.

2.    Think it through

Make sure you know the basics of what you’re writing. If it’s not flowing, step away from the screen and think through what you’re trying to say. You may even want to write a brief thesis statement or synopsis. Outlines can also help for especially long posts.

3.    If it’s not coming, do something else

Answer some e-mails. Clean up your work area. Have a conversation. Stepping away temporarily can help you look at your writing assignments with fresh eyes. Try to keep your mind open for new ideas, given that these can come from the most unexpected places. This is tough to do under strict deadlines, so if possible, get a head start on your assignments so you can afford to take a break if needed.

4.    Try to come with a few ideas beforehand

This works really well when it comes to social media posts. Having a document with prewritten ideas or posts can be very helpful when the pressure is on and the words aren’t coming.

In a 2012 survey conducted by Outbrain and eConsultancy, 90% of marketers believe content marketing will be come more important in the next 12 months; in addition, it was found that 91% of marketers use content marketing in their work. Hopefully these tips will help in the creation of content for your various marketing strategies.

Mixed Digital Asks: How do you overcome writer’s block?

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