creating marketing video presentationsTrends show that online video continues to be a top priority for B2B organizations in 2012.

Content Marketing Institute (CMI) recently published its third annual B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report. In a joint effort with MarketingProfs, the survey questioned over 1,400 respondents in the B2B marketing space about the ways they use content within their organizations.

The results of the report fall very much in line with other recent studies that have listed online video as a top investment for marketing organizations this year. Here are some of the key takeaways.

Online video trends show that video is BLOWING UP

Video now ranks sixth on the list of most popular B2B content marketing tactics, just behind social media, on-site articles, eNewsletters, blogs and case studies. This puts video in the upper echelon of content tools, as the report notes that most organizations utilize an average of 12 different tactics for content marketing these days.

What’s really interesting, however, is the growth rate. For example, a whopping 70% of B2B marketers surveyed are now creating videos for content marketing, up from 58% in 2011. Aside from an increase in research report creation (which rose 19% in 2012), video marketing made the single biggest jump of any other content tactic this year. And keep in mind that number doesn’t even include other video-related online presentations like webinars and webcasts, which together came in at a 59% usage rate.

Why is online video so popular in 2012?

There are lots of reasons why online video presentations are gaining popularity with marketers. For one, they work. According to the report, the majority of those surveyed believe both video (58%) and webinar/webcast content (61%) are effective marketing tactics. Subjects tend to retain information better when they can both see and hear it, and the demand for online video has never been higher.

(Note: We’ve all seen this stat a zillion times already, but YouTube does rake in over 4 billion hits each day. That’s a LOT of visibility, so it’s no surprise that the report shows that YouTube use among marketers is up 5% in 2012.)

Another reason why video could be gaining more marketing traction, though, is that it’s easier than ever to create and publish online videos. Earlier this year, CMI’s own Joe Pulizzi explained that the “sheer cost of video production has come down to a point where there are no barriers to entry,” and that “B2B marketers aren’t scared of video anymore.”

Indeed, technology like Brainshark has made it incredibly simple for marketers to create online video presentations quickly. Easier ways to create more content is of keen interest to B2B organizations. In fact, those surveyed cited “producing enough content” as the number one content marketing challenge they’ve faced this year. With more companies now going in-house for content creation (rather than outsourcing it), “fast and easy” content solutions should continue to be a hot commodity.

Of course, the study covers more than just online video trends. For the full report, including details on social media and budget investments, visit Content Marketing Institute.

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