There’s not much to say but…oh no you didn’t!

1) The never ending content page

It went on and on and on

Content should be concise, informational and altogether engaging. You don’t necessarily need to fill all that white space with text; be creative use videos, infographics or images, but again strike a balance – the tradeoff for a pretty setting is not worth the gold that comes with winning content. A long webpage won’t do anything for your visitor’s attention span, after all, we’re estimated to stay on a web page for only 4 seconds before we move on, so make it count! Short and sweet.

2) Writing content for Google bots

Robots haven’t taken over just yet guys

Stuffing your content to the brim with keywords is not the cleverest move since the God of search engines Google sees all and will penalise your website. If you want to work toward ranking on Google for a particular keyword, use the opportunity to build your content to get you there. Slow and steady wins the race!

3) Ignoring SEO

It’s not the elephant in the room so don’t treat it as one

We’re not saying write for Google or other search engines but do optimise your content to get the most out of it. In simple terms, flaunt what you’ve got (within in reason of course). Little tweaks such as building links that point to your most popular posts or to relevant inner pages can do wonders to lowering your bounce rates and ultimately keeping your visitors engaged with that awesome content of yours.

4) Don’t think you need a blog?

Think again my friend

Blogs are quite literally the magic page to your website. It is here where you can update your audience with content that is altogether fresh and up to date. A blog can present your business with the perfect opportunity to develop a strong online presence, better ranking as well as a greater return to your website. So what more to say than get writing and start sharing!

5) Avoid self promotion

It’s not you it’s me

Exactly! That really is where your problem lies, creating content that is all about you. Strike a balance between promoting your product and content that isn’t so in your face. The danger with this self-promoted content is that people won’t feel like they want to come back to your site. We’d suggest before you start writing get to know your audience, what they like to read, what they want to know and more importantly who are they and where there are. Once you write content for your audience, there’s a greater chance of lowering that bounce rate and increasing user engagement.

We could go on but we think our top 5 tips are enough to get you on the road to producing content that will not only keep your audience happy but those search engines too. The key we think with content production is balance and moderation – much like a healthy diet. Not just a pretty web design agency are we.