There were several old wives’ tales I heard almost daily while growing up: the only certainties in life are death and taxes; and, only cockroaches and Twinkies last forever. Both of those are still as true today as when I first heard them. But, with the way marketing communications pros and businesses rely on technology there is another certainty to add to those tales: the content you post will live in perpetuity. In fact, social media posts will outlive you, your children, your children’s children…well, you get the idea.

So, it’s been written many times that businesses should think twice and post once to limit cringe-worthy moments. But, tap the brakes. Is that still true?

Just as technology and its uses are constantly evolving, so is our thinking on what we should post. A recent study from customer acquisition platform, Fluent, found that millennials are using social media apps, such as Snapchat, that allow them to post content that seems to disappear just like a magician utilizes a smoke screen to employ some slight-of-hand nonsense – survey.

This is something that would give most non-millennials fits and starts as my grandmother would like to say. The survey goes on to show there is a divide within the millennial camp – the survey notes that 30% of younger millennials (18-24) are on Snapchat every day compared with 19% of their older millennial mates (25-34).

It’s interesting to see that millennials have come to embrace the illusion that their Snapchat updates will disappear. Some of the allure is undoubtedly that their followers must catch posts before they’re gone. And, you can’t forget the supposed privacy aspect of posts for this group.

The results of the survey are further broken down in this great Forbes article. It’s definitely worth a read for marketers and brand managers as it gives beneficial insight into which social media platforms non-millennials and millennials are using. Enjoy the read.