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As a social media Picasso, I am sitting on some valuable information people would typically die to get their hands on. Lucky for you, I am feeling generous today…

There are select secrets that will let you refine your social media presence from the moment you’re done reading this blog and for years to come. Some of what you are about to read may seem simple, but don’t let it fool you as it’s all rather complex.

Okay, I won’t keep you from the information you’ve been wanting to read. Here are some ways in which you can get the best out of your social media. Let’s begin!

Balance is Everything

When it comes to using social media at a professional level, companies often get it wrong. In order to succeed, you need to find the perfect balance of interesting and trending topics while sprinkling in a bit of self-promotion. Now, not all companies do this because of the type of work they do or the services they offer. But ultimately, they need to find the right balance for them, whether it be 60% interesting/40% self-promotion or 10% interesting/90% self-promotion.

Connect with your Followers

React, react, react! Seriously, react. You may think reacting to all of your followers may not be a good practice, but in fact, it’s the opposite. By replying back to comments, responding to messages, and reacting to what your followers have to say, you will ensure that your current followers stay loyal to your brand.

Get Your Hashtags Right

Hashtags, as minuscule as they may seem, are an extremely important aspect of social media. While we encourage businesses to create their own (Seriously, create your own! PLEASE!), using general or trendy hashtags can be helpful in getting your message across to potentially millions of people. For example, the hashtags ‘#Halloween’ or ‘#B2B’ can put your posts in front of the hundreds of thousands of people who use those hashtags. If you use just the words ‘Halloween’ or ‘Business 2 Business,’ you could be missing out on a large potential audience.

Keep Renewing Yourself

This is one of my favorites, as it should be for anyone who regularly works with social media. You have to keep content fresh to keep improving. If you maintain the same stale message throughout your organic social media posts/graphics and paid advertisements, then what’s the point? If you don’t want your followers deserting your feed, then it’s time to evolve! To put it simply, continue finding new ways to say the same thing. It’s how I do it, it’s how major worldwide brands do it with successful products and services, and it’s how you should be doing it too.