Content marketing is one of the biggest forms of digital marketing in our modern era. Where traditionally the focus used to be on TV, radio and newspaper advertising, today’s emphasis is on digital marketing in the form of web designs, blogging and social media posting.

Of course, businesses that create content want that content to generate a positive response in the forms of likes, comments and shares. Social media is incredibly powerful in boosting brand awareness and driving traffic back to your site. It also has the power to boost the credibility of your brand and improve your SEO.

So why is it that many businesses are struggling to create engaging content?

Read on to discover the top reasons why nobody is sharing your content:

  1. Your content isn’t valuable enough

When people log on to social media, those individuals carefully consider what they are going to share with their followers to ensure that the content will be useful to the recipients. For this reason, it’s essential to create content that appeals specifically to your audience’s motivation and helps them to connect with one another, not just your brand. In other words, your content needs to be valuable enough for your audience’s audience in order to get more shares.


  1. There aren’t any social sharing buttons

So, you’ve just created an outstanding piece of content, but it’s not easy for your audience to share that piece of content. It’s essential to add social sharing buttons to your content so that people can quickly and easily share it with others. Also, display the number of shares from every piece of content to help demonstrate how valuable your content is. To get the ball rolling, get your team to share your content across their own social profiles.

  1. It’s not targeted properly

Finally, all content created needs to be targeted with your precise target audience in mind for maximum engagement. This means using their everyday language within your content and also avoiding practices that your target market would find frustrating (such as endless hashtags or posting content too many times per day).

There are plenty of ways to encourage more shares across your social media pages in order to increase your brand’s credibility, improve your SEO results and even drive stronger sales. So if you’re not optimising your content for social shares, perhaps now is the time to make some changes.