So you’re using webinars as part of your marketing mix. How can you get the most out of them?

The mere act of webinar creation does not guarantee success, and an effective webinar marketing strategy requires more than casting your 45 minute presentation and slide deck into the webosphere and waiting for leads to roll in.

With hundreds of presentations on webinar strategy and best practices, the BrightTALK Academy is a valuable resource that can help you achieve webinar greatness. Below are nine of the most-watched resources from the Academy. If you have no clue where to start with webinars, want a refresher course on strategy basics, or are looking to revitalize your marketing program, then you’ve come to the right place.

These webinars and videos give a soup-to-nuts view of how to build your brand, drive demand, and nurture leads throughout your campaign.

May the ROI be with you.

Integrating Webcasting into Your Brand Strategy
Your brand strategy is the one constant that should never change even as products, services, pricing, and marketing tactics continually evolve. This webinar outlines how to keep your brand constant in an dynamic world.

Topics covered include:
-How webcasting can support your brand strategy
-How to ensure consistent brand representation in your webcasts
-Examples of good and poor brand representation

Using Brand to Drive Demand
Integrating webinars into your marketing plans and resource centers raises an important question: “How can we provide a branded experience for our audience?” This webinar discusses the details of managing a consistent brand experience across your webinar campaigns and how to leverage your brand in generating demand.

Topics covered include:
– Understanding the role of brand in business
– Addressing concerns of brand managers
– Reviewing brand impressions across a single online event [case study]

7 Keys to Driving Online Event Sponsorship ROI
This webinar outlines the proven best practices for driving sponsorship ROI in the digital world. It also discusses how to get the audience’s attention and turn that engagement into a long-term relationship with your brand.

Topics covered include:
– Creating content that attracts your target audience
– Obtaining the best possible lead lists
– Aligning follow-up messaging with your campaign
– Optimizing sales and marketing follow-up timing

How to be a Webinar God
Learn how to develop an exceptional content strategy, leverage your distribution sources, and map results to ROI in this webinar from David Pitta, Director of Demand Generation at BrightTALK, who has curated over 1,000 webinars.

Topics covered include:
– Creating a 5-point content strategy that addresses audience needs
– Distributing content across owned, earned, and paid sources
– Measuring performance that enables sales to drive revenue

Live Video Roundtable: 4 Demand Generation Strategies Using Webinars
Webinars can generate healthy demand when sound strategy aligns with flawless execution. In this video roundtable, four seasoned marketers share their demand generation webinar strategies.

Topics covered include:
– Creating a content strategy that generates an engaged audience
– Maximizing audience development across owned, earned, and paid sources
– Powering opportunity pipeline creation through lead management and sales enablement
– Achieving measurable results through integrated marketing

Webinar 101: Designing Your Strategies and Tactics
B2B buyers are increasingly self-educating online throughout the buying process. In this webinar, David Pitta, Director of Marketing at BrightTALK, discusses how marketers are leveraging webinars, videos and attached documents to power their awareness and demand generation efforts.

Topics covered include:
– Creating an effective content production schedule
– Distributing rich media across the earned, owned, and shared media
– Enabling sales with valuable insight into lead behavior
– Constructing a lead management strategy

Webinars – How to Acquire Audiences, Score Leads and Drive Revenues
Don’t make the mistake of blowing through your webinar and dropping the ball on lead follow-up and audience acquisition. This webinar from Quoc Dang, Demand Generation Manager of EMEA at BrightTALK, focuses on the webinar hereafter and how to make the most of your webinar collateral.

Topics covered:
– Building an opt-in webinar community
– Lead scoring
– Lead follow-up best practices

The ABCs of Webinar Leads
This BrightTALK roundtable discusses the fundamentals of driving quality webinar leads and best practices for following up on them from the perspective of both sales and marketing.

Topics covered:
– Acquiring quality leads
– Determining which leads to pass to sales
– Following up with webinar leads

For more information on webinar and video marketing, see the Webinar and Video Marketing summit on BrightTALK.