Keep Your Website Fresh To Attract and Retain New Readers

If you have a retail location to your business, you would constantly reorganize your space to feature different products and keep your customers returning, right?

It only makes sense that you do the same thing on your website. Your web presence needs to be interactive. The days of static HTML sites that don’t ever change are done. Your blog is the most obvious way to create new, interactive content that will keep your customers returning, and that’s why it’s so necessary.

But, there are other ways. Keep restructuring that shelf space. Give your customers a reason to return to your website, and you’ll do a better job of staying fresh in their minds.

Create a free “how to” guide – These work as a great giveaway in exchange for your email address. They’re a great way to deliver quality information in an easily digestible format.

Add new product and services pages – Your website should feature unique content for every product or service that your business offers. Read that again. That’s every product or service. Have you ever been shopping for something online, and passed up on a sale because there was no unique information about the product? It’s a stopping point for many shoppers. You can also create a “featured product” page on your website to make it feel more interactive. Consider this moving that product to the front of the store.

Emails and newsletters – Maintain a closer, personal connection with your contacts by sending them consistent emails or newsletters. To do this well, you’ll have to offer highly valuable information in a personalized form. The inbox is sacred ground for any marketer to be planted. Treat it well.

Infographics – Communicate technical information regarding your business or industry through a well designed graphic, optimized for the visual experience. These have really taken off on various social media platforms.

Video – Video is a great way to offer “how to” information, testimonials, interviews, demonstrations, or any other form of content that you’re looking to convey. They offer a great sense into the personality and style of a business.

Testimonials – You’re expected to be your own advocate. When others speak highly on your behalf, it lends credibility in a way that you cannot achieve on your own. Written or through video, testimonials should be a mainstay on any website.

Case studies – One clear way to provide value is through fact. What tangible benefits have your clients seen? How could you duplicate those results to help your next client? A case study may be one of your best tools to acquire new clients.

eBooks – eBooks can also help convey your knowledge and expertise. Share what you know how to do with your customer base. It may seem like you’re giving valued information away, but when they become overwhelmed with the task at hand it’s you that they’ll turn to.

Guest posts – If you’re looking to expand your audience, sometimes you need to participate in industry conversations that are already taking place. Guest posts are one of the best ways to do that.