Why Niche Social and Content Marketing Wins

Pro Tip: Don’t “cold call” with your social and content marketing. This means there isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy to increasing and engaging followers, a common enough problem for major brands and smaller companies with widespread marketability.

Besides, what can you post or blog about that every one of your followers will agree upon? Most likely you can’t, but there is one benefit of social marketing that makes niche campaigns effective: People are apt to ignore something that doesn’t apply to them, and others are more apt to click a link that has something to do with them. Sounds simple, right?

The trick to niche social marketing is finding a demographic, consumer base, follower type, or group that you want to focus on. There are several reasons for doing so, such as falling sales and engagement in a certain sector of your business (trackable by analytical tools, of course). Or maybe you just want a blog or piece of content to attract notice by certain groups that are more likely to respond.

This doesn’t mean you should post, “Hey, 40-year-olds from Ohio, read this!” on Facebook. It depends on your business. Take a physical therapist, for instance, who actually does marketing to the middle-aged crowd but wants to procure more traction from younger folk. Maybe a “Why 20-year-olds need to invest in a physical therapist” or something similar would do the trick.

One of the best ways to approach niche content and social marketing is to find an untapped pocket of interest. This isn’t something you should do all the time, but consider splitting your content and social postings 60/40: 60 percent of your content should be broadly focused, while the remainder is targeted at niche groups.

For Chic Content Writers, for example, we could take a spin at writing content directly to media managers, startup businesses, leaders who know nothing about content marketing, college students looking for ways to make a living writing, or whomever else may be interested to learn more about the craft.

Why Cold Calling Kills Content Marketers

The fourth and fifth words in this blog combine to make “cold call,” a phrase mass marketers and consumers are firmly aware of. Cold calling, in content marketing terms, is when you take a broad, shotgun-style approach to advertising. The thing is, solid content marketing strategies are nothing like advertising.

People hate advertising. I do and you probably do, too. A billboard on the side of the interstate is ignored. Why? Because there are 10 more just like it and people are driving too fast to notice and read them. Your content marketing, however, needs to be personalized and directed to force people to pullover, read the sign, and act (or at least acknowledge your content).

At Chic Marketing, we can help you create enticing content that does this. Dial in 803-831-7444 or visit www.grammarchic.net for more info.