HTWB News mediaAre newspapers truly getting too big for their boots in an attempt to sell papers in the light of online competition? Here in the UK this week we have been entertained by a raging battle between the current leader of the Labour (leftie) Party and a well known right-wing tabloid newspaper, the Daily Mail.

The mud-slinging started when the conservative DM accused the late Ralph Miliband, father of the current Labour Party leader Ed, of “hating Britain” because he had happened to swear allegiance to Karl Marx (who happens to be buried in England.)

Labour Party supporters understandably became angry not only because of the slur on Ed’s late father who is no longer around to defend himself, but also as far as I can gather, anyway, being a Marxist doesn’t necessarily mean you hate anything, let alone the country where you live. However that’s not for me to comment on.

It wasn’t long before the race card was played

After a journalist working for the DM’s Sunday incarnation crashed a funeral service for another relative of party leader Ed Miliband’s, no doubt in order to ask some probing questions about the news stories (of course the family would be delighted to comment at a time like this), the Milibands unsurprisingly rebelled.

Time for a diverting tactic on the part of the DM and its cohorts.

Now, let’s see … the Milibands are of Jewish origin, aren’t they? So they must be accusing us of anti-Semitism. And for that, we are going to throw our teddies out of the pram and sulk. I quote (from the BBC News website)…

The Daily Mail will not say sorry to Ed Miliband over its attack on his late father, one of the paper’s senior journalists has said. City editor Alex Brummer told the BBC the paper was owed an apology over claims that its Ralph Miliband articles were motivated by anti-Semitism.”

Awwww, diddums. I don’t think so, really, do you?

Where does journalism stop and jingoism take over?

HTWB PWW main in-post logoI worked as a journalist years ago, up through the ranks as an apprentice. Although of course I was given direction on editorial policy by the editors I worked for, not once was I expected to do a demolition job on a political or other type of personality’s dead parent.

Frankly had that been the case, I would have walked out. (In those days journalism jobs were easier to come by that they are now…)

What do you think? Are the press-based media over-stepping the mark by behaving in such an overtly political – and frankly, whining and childish – manner?

Or do you feel that the “freedom of the press” allows such media to tear anyone apart in the light of necessary exposure and the “public interest?”

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not making a political point here (I’m not a Labour voter.) But I do have a problem with the media writing bitchy, spiteful things related to their own political biases, and – in my view – taking unfair advantage of their roles as reporters rather than influencers.

Would love to know what you think – please share here.

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photo credit: Lisa Padilla via photopin cc