Today we’re looking at the latest research on interactive content (think interactive infographics, quizzes, contests, assessments, etc.) and how it’s changing the game of content marketing.

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Welcome to Episode 237 of the Content Marketing Podcast!

If you joined us for last week’s podcast, you’ll recall that content strategist Melanie Seibert joined us to share her insights on why content strategy is important and how to get started putting it to work for your online brand.

By the way, Melanie’s course Getting Started with Content Strategy is now open for enrollment. To learn more and to check out some sample sessions, visit

This week we look at the latest research on interactive content — who’s using it, what they’re doing with it, and how it’s helping brands to amp up their content marketing game.

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  • How to grab your copy of our complimentary audio and e-book “B2B Content Marketing: From the Blog to the Bottom Line
  • Content Marketing World is coming in September, and this year I have the honor of serving as a moderator. To get a $100 discount on your registration, enter the code RESONANCE100 (affiliate link).
  • Our latest News Feed segment:
  • Results from the report The Symphony of Connected Interactive Content Marketing, co-sponsored by the Content Marketing Institute and ION Interactive
  • What we really mean when we talk about “interactive content”
  • How many marketers are using interactive content
  • Their reasons for doing it … and the benefits it’s delivering
  • The four most popular types of interactive content
  • How marketers are measuring their results, and what those results are telling them
  • Tip of the Week: Choosing the right tool for creating and publishing your own interactive content