You love content marketing.

It’s better than writing sales copy and you know you’re giving your customers something valuable. But what happens when your sales are lackluster and you need a new idea to spark next year’s profits?

layungbungur / Pixabay

You start repackaging the content you already have in new and interesting ways!

This means taking a look at all your content (blog posts, videos, white papers, guides, etc.) and seeing how they could be reimagined to create a new sales stream. And really, it’s just sitting there doing nothing. You literally have nothing to lose!

Choose From Your Most Popular Categories

The first step is finding your most popular types of content and what categories speak to your customers. You may have a good idea of what your customers want, but this isn’t the time to just “wing it”.

Instead, dive into the details. Take a look at your social media dashboards and check the analytics. Look at your blog and see what posts resonate with your readers and which ones had the most comments. Do a basic analysis and see if you can create groups of content that fit together. Your goal is to take your best stuff and see what new product you could create.

And don’t worry if you don’t have a perfectly new creation. You can always fill in gaps and create new content to round out your new product. The idea is to use what you already have as the foundation for something people will buy.

Choose the Best Media Platform

Here comes the fun part. Creating new stuff!

You have many choices including bundling your posts into an eBook. In fact, self-published eBooks account for 22% of all eBooks purchases in the United States so it’s a great option to consider. Selling eBooks has the potential to increase your bottom line, but it can also increase your visibility and brand credibility. You may even be able to get paid speaking engagements based on your expertise!

Another idea is to create an online course as this is a huge market. Udemy is one platform where people and businesses sell courses. Amazingly, 27,046,643 students enrolled in Udemy classes last year. But the news keeps getting better as non-English course sales increased by 367%! Simply by translating your course into different languages, you instantly open up new markets!

Everyone’s content is different so do what makes the most sense. Sell how-to-videos, create new videos from your old blog posts, or maybe start a podcast. Just be creative and innovative and be open to trying something entirely different.

Don’t Waste Your Best Content

Sometimes we make amazing things that have a short lifespan. You make a quick but valuable YouTube video and it’s a hit on all your social media platform. But next week, it seems outdated and your fans are waiting for something new…

You still need to make new content as that’s the simple nature of the game. That doesn’t mean your older content is useless. Just remember that you can reorganize and repackage your content to create a new profit stream. And while you probably won’t make millions from your new product, just remember that this content is just sitting there getting dusty.

Why not take a chance and see if you can turn it into a new profit stream?