You’ve heard it a million times – ‘Content is king,’but do you understand why?

Content is not only king, but as a king, it’s gaining more power. So why is that? You’d think with so many new digital strategies from Snapchat to Periscope, content would soon hand over its crown to a younger, hipper strategy.

But that’s definitely not the case. You have to understand that in today’s digital world, people are being bombarded with digital ads. They are everywhere! You can go visit a site then leave, and that site seems to stalk you with its endless ads.

Because of this, people are turning to social media, websites and articles. In fact, a recent study indicated that over 70% of consumers prefer to receive information about products and brands from articles rather than corporate ads. Now you understand why content is so important.

So what makes for good content?

Here’s 2 rules that you must follow when creating your content.

Provide relevant information

There’s nothing more frustrating than clicking on something and finding no relevant information whatsoever. This creates two bad situations. First, not only will a visitor leave because your content isn’t relevant, but it will most likely leave a bad taste in their mouth and blacklist you altogether. Secondly, Google will rank your pages lower because Google looks down on content that is not relevant. So relevant information is key when creating content.

Keep them intrigued and tug at their emotions

A high bounce rate and low time on your site is a sure sign of bad content. The idea for your content is to entice your visitors to continue along the journey. Along that journey, your content must, and I repeat, MUST, have an emotional appeal to your visitors. This is how you connect to consumers, by showing you understand their needs and have a solution, which is whatever product or service you offer. If you can create solid content with an emotional appeal, you will certainly entice your visitors to continue to read, click and explore more content in hopes of creating a sale.

What are the biggest reasons for content marketing?

There’s many reasons why your content needs to be high-quality and squeaky clean. In 2015, the biggest reason for content marketing was customer relationship and engagement, according to 88% of business owners. Brand awareness was at 87% while an increase in sales was at 77%.

So content continues to sit on its throne and wear the crown when it comes to digital marketing. Will that ever change? It’s hard to say, but considering content is used on all strategies of digital marketing, it’s safe to say content will remain king for a long time.