cooking engaging contentLots of people cook, yet only a small number make a fortune from it while the rest just cook to stay alive.

Watching a top chef in action you soon realise the effort that goes into every detail from menu to kitchen and its why people pay big money for food we all eat that’s just a little bit special.

Cooking that makes good money creates crowd pleasing food just as marketing that creates customers creates crowd pleasing content.

Here are 4 things that make both that little bit special

Put Time & Effort Into Your Content Before Serving

You can’t escape the fact that delivering “stuff” people will enjoy takes time and effort, whether its food or content.

Select the right ingredients, combine them together, present and serve until you’ve got it down to a fine art. Its this repetition which can seem like a chore at times and enjoyable at other times that keeps people coming back for more.

Just throwing things together without care for your audience is a recipe only for failure.  Serving up cold food or worse under cooked food could instantly turn your audience against you or start them on the slippert slope away from your business.

You have to get it right, or else, so why gamble with your marketing food ?

Does the aroma entice, the look of the dish excite and the first bite explode in the mouth, but wait, that’s only the first course, what about the next and the desert.  You’ve got to continue to delight and entertain to the very last bite.

Get The Content Juices Flowing Before Even The First Bite

Ever walked past a restaurant and suddenly your body takes over and starts to follow your nose towards the front door as your hit by the insane aroma drifting out of the kitchen ?  I know I have.

The journey of consuming starts from the moment the very idea of food enters the brain as it does with content.  We start to taste the food as we gaze at the plate travelling across the restautrant floor, sudddenly it enters our mouth as our noses are engulfed by the sensual smell of that meal you know you just have to have right now.

The presentation and smell even before that first bite are key ingredients that alter the way people consume things.

If somebody looked at your blog posts, articles, guides or vidoes would they really want to get stuck in and consume it right now, savouring every last morsel ?

What your audience sees from headline to imagery and introduction sets the tone for the content consumption journey for each who lays eyes upon it.

Just as food is placed on a stylish plate to present it and set the feel for your dining experience, the way you present your content equally determines whether your audience tucks in with delight.

I’m getting hungry just writing this ;-0

Offer A Choice Of Content Within Your Marketing Menu

Everybody’s different, even though we may have similar interests, and although your food might have a theme like your marketing there are combinations that appeal to different people in different ways.

Whilst your signature dishes are what you become known for, you need to keep adding something different to the menu to keep it fresh, exciting and entertaining.

The size of the meal, its origin and ingredients are going to grab different audiences membes in different ways so you know when somebody recommends that they visit your restaurant or blog they’re going to find something appealing.

In the same way that  vegetarians don’t eat meet, sales people won’t care about marketing that doesn’t help them sell, as business owners won’t care about marketing that doesn’t help them to scale and growh their business.

Ensure The Experience Stays With Them And Positively Affects Others

The worst things you can do is getting everything right and then fail to deliver on your promises, its a killer.

Nobody likes going to a restaurant and then being made to wait far too long, or served the wrong food or given an incorrect bill.  You’re left wuth a sinking feeling that destroys all the good work you’ve done to that point.

Sure you’ll never please eveybody and you shouldn’t if you really understand the people that get what you do, however you do wan’t the majority of poeple to spread the word and share or recommend other to get involved.

Food and the experience surrounding it, just like your marketing can create champions or enemies for your cause.  In return the become a repeat customer and start brining others customers into to see you and things really start to happen.

Next thing you know everybody talking about the “food”, your content and your business. You’re everywhere and everybody loves you.

Photo attribution: Clyde House On Flickr