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In my post about how to keep people coming back to your blog, I encourage you to promote your blog posts several times on social media sites like Twitter.

A concern I hear from some business owners is, “Won’t I be bothering people if I post too often?” usually followed up with, “So-and-so posts all the time and I almost/just unfollowed them because I am so tired of seeing their messages!”

Here are four reasons you don’t have to worry about annoying people with multiple messages about your latest blog posts, or links to your goldmine of archived posts:

  1. Things move quickly on social media. Most people only see a small percentage of what their connections post, because other updates come along to push your post down and eventually off the page. If it seems like you’re constantly seeing posts from the same person, it’s likely you’re not connected to very many people yet. (Time to ramp up your networking?)
  2. People will scan for what’s interesting and important to them. With so much information flooding us day in and day out, we’ve become remarkably skilled at ignoring the majority of what we see. We may dislike the flood, but we don’t usually rage against each individual drop of water.
  3. People forget things. Along the same lines, since people are often focused on their own needs and interests, they can quickly get distracted with something else, even if they were initially drawn in by what you posted. In that case sending a second or third notice may be the only way they end up reading your blog post.
  4. People want to help. Your connections may not be members of your target market, and may never click on a single link you share. However, by seeing your links and clever teaser messages, they begin to associate you with the key topics you’re blogging about. They’ll remember this when someone asks for a referral for what you do.

I’ve read over and over again that we must put just as much – or more – effort into promoting our blog posts as we do creating them. I use a blog post promotion checklist to keep track of this important part of the blogging process, and it always includes multiple messages across several social media platforms.

Keep in mind that the most important part of posting to social media is monitoring and replying to responses from your network. Ignoring the social part of social media is not just annoying, it’s downright rude. I’m sure that’s not the impression you want your business to make!