boringcontentI recently read an article in Inc. Magazine “How the Pros Create Great Content.” It was a crowd-sourced piece where several columnists shared their advice on writing content that’s compelling.

As content marketing has become so much more mainstream, “boring” content has been a hot topic in the marketing industry and around the SPROUT Content offices.  In fact, we actually joke that we specialize in boring content!


Because we believe that even the most technical, regulated or “boring” industries have a great opportunity to talk to their audience and educate them in a way that few other companies in their space do. We love the challenge of revealing the voice, personality, perspective and expertise of traditionally unexciting or B2B businesses and sharing their story with the world.  It’s also thrilling to see them “get it” and bring out their creative sides and involve their whole organization in the process.  We talk a lot about that in our book Brands in Glass Houses.

What other marketers have to say about boring content

After reading the Inc. article I thought others in the content marketing community would be interested in it too, so I shared the link on the Content Marketing Institute group on LinkedIn.

I thought some people might give it a “like” or repost the link, but I didn’t expect that 38 comments would be generated in a conversation that lingered over two weeks.

Here are a few of the interesting insights that were shared in this conversation:

These are all valid points to consider. Sometimes I think that many businesses and marketers just complicate things needlessly. If you really identify your audience, think about their needs and how your products/services make their lives better in some way, and offer information in a way that is truly different (because it is your own), you will succeed.

Why do you think there is so much boring content out there?