pawnsWhen using content marketing, you often get caught up in trying to sell your product without utilizing some of the actual benefits article marketing has to offer.

Obviously with article marketing, you rely on your content to make an important selling point, but is your content making major mistakes that are costing your potential customers?

Vocabulary Over exhaustion

Yes, there is such a thing as vocabulary over exhaustion.

Everyone has read a book and after the first three pages, threw it to the side because the vocabulary was extremely difficult to understand. This doesn’t have to do with your inability to digest the material, but sometimes, using an extensive vocabulary isn’t necessary.

While big words can be enough to drive someone away, so can small grammar and spelling errors. These miniscule errors can make a company appear completely unprofessional. Having all of your content edited and revised can ensure that you will have the best content available.

Another way to make sure your content is doing its job is to avoid using a lot of jargon. It doesn’t matter if your business is about software engineering or selling donuts use words that people can understand and can take in easily.

Rocket scientists put their pants on one leg at a time just like everybody else.


Whether you’re marketing on Facebook or posting to a blog on your company’s website, don’t overdo it. It’s not a requirement to post content every day.

In fact, many successful blogs post content on a weekly basis. This shows the readers that the blog is regularly updated as well as provides new content for them to read. Posting the same content over and over or posting content that is completely irrelevant to your business is not only boring but can be too much to deal with.

Truth be told, people don’t want to see your vacation photos over and over on Facebook – changing up your content is just as important.

Speak Strongly

Your content isn’t a heartwarming award speech, but you can invoke a lot of emotion through text. Use your voice accordingly. Be sure to speak strongly and get your point across without being too pushy. Speak with a tone that people can understand – whether it’s happiness or sadness, when a customer can relate, a connection can be made.

Speaking strongly also means writing with the interests of the audience in mind. You do want to sell your product and convince the audience that they need to buy it, but do it in a way that they will see it as beneficial. Speak to the soccer mom – the stay-at-home-dad – the child trying to get through a regular day at school.

Another way to keep your content interesting is to add a new perspective. Even if the point of view may be a little controversial, people like to read things that make them think differently. While it’s important to avoid touchy subjects such as politics and religion, it’s okay to speak from a perspective that isn’t always expected.