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Marketing can be a very fickle world. There are trends to keep up with, analytics to track, reports to create, consumers to reach, distribution channels to optimize, emails to send, and a ton of other things fighting for your attention.

This is true whether you’re a two-person operation or a CMO in charge of an entire department. When you’re the captain of the ship, it’s your job to have an eye on everything, but oftentimes that’s just not realistic. And sometimes that expectation can hurt you in the long run—especially when it comes to managing your content marketing.

All marketing has its own nuances, but successful content marketing takes a sharp mind, dedication, and patience to complete the marathon. Oftentimes, though, we see marketers so burnt out or overwhelmed by their workload (or demands from higher-ups) they really can’t give as much time or energy to their content marketing as they otherwise could.

When that happens, content becomes a mandatory chore, not a strategic tool, and a content marketing operation stumbles along, in danger of petering out at any point. On the other hand, a healthy content marketing operation is a lively ecosystem, full of inspired ideas, new formats, interesting ideas, and forward-thinking collaboration. Which is more familiar to you?

If you find yourself dreading your content calendar, building a relationship with a creative content agency may be the jumpstart you need to get back on track.

Why a Creative Content Agency Can Help

A creative content agency isn’t a gun for hire; they’re not there to offload your workload and forget about it. Instead, they’re partners who can give you the energy, motivation, and sounding board you need to build the best content for your brand. But this works best when you have an established relationship.

Most brands have outsourced content creation in some way, whether it was a blog post, infographic, or e-book. This type of transaction is a good band-aid when resources are tight, but it won’t move your brand forward long-term. If you need a team to guide your growth and create the highest-quality content to engage and entice people, leaning on a go-to creative agency can give you more value, both in terms of time, money, and expertise. Here’s why.

1) You Get Better (and More) Ideas

We see a lot of brands so immersed in their strategy or so determined to “try something new” that they pick an idea everyone’s excited about and go full-steam ahead with little thought about how that idea relates to the goal at hand or larger strategy. Worse, they often follow these ideas because they “think” they will work and forget to look at the larger picture.

A creative content agency can help tremendously in these cases. Not only can they give you more ideas, they can point out flaws, suggest creative tweaks, and help you vet everything against your brand goals. Also, because you’re often so immersed in your brand, it’s hard to take an objective look at whether or not an idea translates to the real world. A creative content agency can be both your safety net and sounding board.

2) They Guide Your Brand

When you work with a creative content agency, you are benefiting from the collective experience of not only the team working with you but the entire agency. That means you have more brains to problem-solve and a whole extra set of cheerleaders who can help you guide and, most importantly, grow your brand.

When you build a relationship with an agency, you work symbiotically. They gain a deeper understanding of your goals and can help steer you in the right direction while offering their unique insight—not just from their experience but the experience of everyone they’ve ever worked with. It’s likely they’ve worked with many brands in many industries, possibly even several in yours, so they’ve seen just about everything that can go wrong. They can help you get out of your same rut of thinking and take you to the next level.

3) They Are True Specialists

Really great content is the result of many hands. Of course, some teams are tight on resources, so you have to be a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to content. But to build a strong brand and a reputation for truly stellar stuff, you need experts to handle it.

A creative content agency is a smorgasbord of talent. There are copywriters, data visualization wizards, developers, and more who know not just what to do but how to create things that will help you achieve your goals. They can also lend their expertise to help you work within budget or suggest fresh approaches that can elevate the experience for the people you’re trying to reach.

4) Efficient Production Process

Siloing and lack of resources are the biggest culprits in causing chaos in content marketing productions. This sabotages your content quality and your volume. But a creative content agency has the process down to a tee. They can keep you on track, help you avert disaster, and prevent content from becoming stale so you can stick to your deadline and generate on-brand, quality content that lands.

5) Pride in Ownership

Knowing who’s in charge of what is a huge part of an efficient production process, but giving someone ownership over their work also helps them create high-quality stuff they’re truly proud of. When you work with a creative content agency, you work as partners to create the best stuff possible. You trust each other, challenge each other, and produce a shared product that everyone is invested in. This helps you form a stronger relationship.