Something I read over at Marketing, Musings and Other Morsels the other day struck me. Margie Clayman blogged about how we should ‘avoid the temptation to write something popular’. In her post, she lists the 4 most popular topics as 1. content marketing, 2. Pinterest, 3. Google (SEO or G+) and 4. Facebook Timeline.

Now you all know that I focus on content marketing on this blog and how we can leverage it to generate leads and engagement that will lead to revenue and genre leadership so I really didn’t know what to think when I read this.

I have been thinking of a way to respond to Margie that makes sense to me. I know that there is plenty more we can say on the topic of content marketing and I feel very strongly that we have not hit a glass ceiling or even found ourselves redundant. So what is it?

Then, I read about some new research results that revealed an increasing amount of men are seeking content focused on diet and health. Now what’s interesting is not the fact that they are seeking this type of content but that there is tons of it on the web yet over 65% claim they are not finding what they are looking for.

A quick search of Google for ‘diet advice for men’ reveals over 300,000 results. 300,000 results! And men want more stuff about the same, exact topic that has been covered hundreds of thousands of times.

So what if we are all writing about content marketing and Pinterest and what Google is up to today? There is plenty more to be said about different way of looking at the same thing. There are plenty more conversations to be had about the future of the newest, coolest social network and how businesses can leverage it. There are plenty more people entering the industry every day that are just learning this stuff and they want more content.

What do you think? Should we start writing about something else or continue to address the latest, greatest, hottest topic at hand?