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Are you investing in content marketing? Here’s a tip: count to five! What does that mean?

It can get confusing to remember to update your blog regularly, distribute your e-newsletter on a consistent basis and focus the necessary time on your social media marketing. Fortunately, by counting to five, you can remember the foundation of what’s really important in content marketing.

How to Count to Five with Your Content Marketing

1. Make sure you have one foundational message.

Of course, every post doesn’t need to use the same words over and over, but it needs to have the heart of your company behind it. For example, at Three Girls Media, we are dedicated to providing personalized public relations and quality, custom content. We show this consistent message by offering tips and tricks for companies looking to personalize their brand through traditional PR tactics, as well as blogging, social media and email marketing.

2. Read everything twice.

Before you hit publish on your blog post, social media updates or e-newsletter, make sure you read through it at least two times to catch typos, grammatical errors and confusing sentences. We also recommend you read it out loud as this can help your brain find mistakes.

3. Cross-promote your work at least three times.

In addition to publishing your blog post on your website, share it with your social media followers and include it in your next e-newsletter.

4. Remember who your post is FOR.

Okay, so that’s the wrong spelling of four in this list of five things, but the point is that you need to think about your audience before you write or post anything. Ask yourself the question, “Why would they care?”

5. Update social media pages five times per week.

If you’re going to invest your time and resources in social media marketing, make it count. The lifespan of a post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn is incredibly short, only 60-90 minutes, so make sure you’re updating your pages at least five times per week (of course, more than that is great, too!). Not sure what to post? Share your latest blog post(s), an interesting industry-related article you recently read, a funny meme, a helpful infographic, an engaging video etc.

As you think about your content marketing, just remember to count to five. Keep your posts focused with one consistent message, read everything twice, cross-promote your work three times, remember whom your post is for and update social media pages five times per week. By consistently counting to five you’re sure to see a positive difference in your company’s content marketing results!