This is the fourth post in a four-part series

Ok, so you’ve promoted your content, but how do you know if your followers responded to it? Analytics, of course.

There are tons of analytics programs that can help you measure the success of everything from your keyword choices to user demographics. With so many choices, it really comes down to choosing a content measurement technology that best suits your needs.

Google Analytics is the Go-To Analysis Tool
Of course we’ve got to talk about Google Analytics. The service is free and provides insights on a range of areas, from what technology devices readers are using to access your site to how long they stay on each page.

The program also allows you to customize your reporting dates and uses large, easy-to-read graphs to display information. You can also set goals in your dashboard to measure performance and conversions over time or for a single campaign.

There’s also an official Google Analytics blog that gives advice on how to use the program to maximize your understanding of your followers.

MailChimp is an All-in-One Email Service
Google Analytics is great for measuring website performance, but MailChimp is a service that focuses specifically on email campaigns. You can use the program to design, send and measure targeted email campaigns.

After you’ve sent your email, you can get up-to-the-minute updates on how many people opened and clicked through your email, as well as those that bounced or people who unsubscribed. It also offers advanced tools such as A/B testing to give you better insight into what types of subject lines and content get the best response from your email subscribers.

MailChimp offers free and paid plans, so you can pick the one that best fits your business.

Clicktale Measures Consumer Activity on Your Site
If you want to analyze consumer behavior on your website, Clicktale is the tool for you. This service allows you to see everywhere on your page that a user moves his mouse, which is helpful because mouse movement is usually similar to eye movement.

Once you’ve studied the heat maps Clicktale puts together, you’ll better understand how people use your site. For example, if the majority of users don’t scroll down the page at all, you’ll know that any content below a certain point isn’t getting seen. Knowing this, you can optimize your pages to put the most important information where your customers are already looking.

As with Mailchimp, Clicktale offers paid and unpaid plans.

You’ve now got 12 content marketing technology tools to strengthen your online presence and improve your customers’ experience. Implementing even one of these programs will greatly boost awareness, engagement and conversions across all your platforms. What’s stopping you?

Let me know about some of your favorite marketing tools in the comments.