You know just how important content is to your website and your online marketing campaign. You know you’ve got to produce some great assets that are going to engage your audience, maintain longevity and provide information that they can take away and use to solve a problem. The trouble is, what content are you producing for whom?

Content for each customer group

Imagine if you will that you’re about to create new marketing material, offline, for your customer base. Would you write one single brochure for all your customer or would you segment them and write more targeted pieces for each silo or type of customer? Each customer group is going to have different problems and different needs. Therefore, your brochure is going to be far more effective if it’s bespoke to each target audience.

The same goes for your online content. Rather than writing or producing content that may appeal to everyone, creating pieces that appeal to each individual target audience is going to be far more effective at drawing in those audiences, engaging them and converting them.

Create personas

Personas are a fantastic tool for categorising your customer base into groups and providing a catalyst for further conversation in your organisation about what content to produce. Each persona should be crafted into a particular character with their own personalities that match or closely match those of your audience based on the information you have available, new research and experience. Their problems, needs and wants should also connect with those in the real world. These should extend beyond just the problems your products or services solve for them.

Create individual persona cards and get your whole marketing and sales teams involved in their creation. Every person in the organisation will have their own snippet of information that could benefit and contribute to the overall creation of them and gain valuable insight that you may otherwise miss but could be crucial to forming an accurate portrayal of that audience. Once you’ve completed them, you should have a single persona per customer group.

Ideally, each persona should consist of the following:

  • An image of the customer (it’s much better to have a face to talk to!)
  • What is their personality like?
  • What are their lifestyle choices and style?
  • What average age bracket do they fall into?
  • What are their needs and problems?

Using the personas to build content

Now you have an incredibly powerful set of tools with which to create and target content. These personas enable you to:

  • Create specific content pieces that appeal to that individual persona anywhere in the buying cycle
  • Have an image of that person in your head when you’re writing the content which will naturally make your copy far more engaging and relevant
  • Target those pieces more accurately because you can find out where those people like to ‘hang out’ on the Internet and where they find their information

Make sure that all content creators, both inside and outside your company, have access to these personas. For those creating content, they will find them endlessly useful in producing much more targeted and ultimately successful articles and assets.

You can then take any single persona and identify what content needs to be created to help solve the problems that you identified. This content could be anything from textual based articles through to interactive infographics and downloads that the user can take away and use offline.

Try brainstorming ideas centred on a particular character. What content would appeal to them based on their personality and job role? Are they looking for quick, easy information without getting bogged down in the technicalities that they can use immediately to their benefit? Or perhaps they are more analytical and take the time to read through complex case studies that they can then use and apply to their own situation?

In any case, you’re solving problems for your target audience and the end result of such activity will increase your traffic and, in turn, your conversions.