When you are looking for a top notch content writer, you have certain expectations and probably even biases that you don’t even want to admit to yourself. For starters, you probably have your own style and you will definitely have your own ideas. Content writing is not an exact science. Writing may very well be, but this subject is an undeniably different beast altogether. Here the content is catered, developed for specific and unique needs. It already has its place before it is delivered onto the screen. Conversely, when you are writing a book you will put an idea, a notion that is close to your heart onto those pages, hoping that it will find its way to your future audience. With content writing, this rarely if ever happens. Usually you have a specific goal in mind with clear instructions where improvisation doesn’t really count for much.

Knowing the details

Words are words.

We can play around with them or even find the perfect sequence to create some truly amazing art. This requires an immense amount of talent, no doubt about it. I would argue that top notch content writing does not really require that kind of talent. Definitely not all niches. Even so, a well-prepared professional can beat a unique wordsmith any day of the week, provided he or she prepared much better than his or her supposed adversary. At the end of the day, data and preparedness will always prevail. Data that is just right will always create a certain substance. Flair can be a great thing for certain expectations, but data will always find its way. This takes us to our next important criteria.



Someone who is willing to do the research will always bring a much needed accountability and professionalism to the table. Even if that someone is not the next Shakespeare to put it mildly, if they do their job to the fullest of their abilities with perfect preparation, that will go a long way among the potential customers. Someone who is thorough and always willing to do the dirty work will prove to be an invaluable content writer in most circles. This may sound like a basic expectation, but there can be huge differences between two writer’s research capabilities and willingness to really go after a certain topic, trying to tackle it at its core. The subject matter is the basis of any professional piece and for that; a thorough research is not simply warranted, but mandatory for any good content writer who takes their job seriously.

Credibility is too valuable

If a writer is not willing to do the necessary research, their credibility can go out the window, and regardless of their abilities as far as quality writing goes. They may have a flair for writing, but without the right kind of work ethic, all can go sideways pretty quickly. Substance is the single most important quality when it comes to content writing and nobody can be above that rule.

A certain niche

There are very few writers out there who are capable of providing a relevant view on all or even most niches. Certain content providers usually come with their own expertise, an expertise they are comfortable with regardless of the surrounding aspects of it.

They are able to provide a quality piece within strict deadlines and do the necessary research on point and in time, because they have done it many times before. That knowledge won’t be accumulated overnight, it takes years of hard work and genuine curiosity and passion to develop it, but once a writer achieves it they will remain comfortable in it for the remainder of their career. Of course, there can be a downside to this. When a writer never steps out of his or her comfort zone, the danger of becoming stagnant most certainly becomes a real possibility.

No matter how high of a quality they are capable of providing, if their brain does not get challenged from time to time with new information, there is a very high chance that their work will suffer for it in the long run.

Find a capable writer with a healthy curiosity

A lot will depend on the topic of course, but finding someone who feels comfortable in at least two or three main topics is probably a good idea. Personal taste and individual talent will still be extremely important, but curiosity is the key. Ideally, you want to hire a teacher who still thinks that he or she is a student. If you find that someone, chances are that you will gain a tremendous advantage for your business, one that will start to yield results as soon as you give the green light. Content writing is an art form itself, there is no question about it.

It may not be a classic art form, and it may not be the most exciting one, but the core values of any worthy art form will still apply here as well.

Those who are willing to work and have a semblance of talent and healthy curiosity will always get jobs, while the prodigies can find themselves out of luck and out of work faster than they could say one of their favorite catch phrases. It is an ultimately tough market but also a fair one, one that will offer great opportunities for those who are in search of some talent.