Content marketing has changed the way marketers, companies and organizations of all kinds generate interest, reach their audiences and create opportunities.  Make-Your-Marketing-Content-Reach-Far-and-WideSuccess through inbound marketing now requires more than traditional SEO tactics and the sharing of run-of-the-mill content.  The quality and social capital of content has taken center stage.  To achieve high-volume websites and booming operations, you need to create online content, which is unique, engaging, information-rich, high-impact and very shareable.  The goal of high rates of social content curation—social sharing—is becoming increasingly more important to SEO.  Each time your content is liked on Facebook, tweeted on Twitter, “+1ed” on Google+ or shared on LinkedIn, it gets a stamp of approval—increasing its reach and magnifying your opportunities for higher rates of traffic and lead generation and better SEO.  Once you create truly dynamic content, you need to maximize its social exposure.

The promotion of your online content needs to be organized, consistent and strategic.  There are a variety of social media management tools and methods that can simplify social sharing and content curation across multiple social networks.  I have previously discussed the use of HootSuite, Topsy, Klout and Buffer here.

Social Oomph

SocialOomph is a robust social automation platform, which includes queues of scheduled status updates on almost any social network, automatic Twitter “follow back,” automated direct messages for new Twitter followers and analytics on engagement, click-rates, followers and fans.  Social Oomph has almost every conceivable feature of social automation.  Once your social media presence reaches a certain level, it will no longer be feasible to send everyone personalized messages—at which point the automation features of SocialOomph could become a valuable part of your social media arsenal.


Tweepi is a tool that can optimize your Twitter activity—increasing your influence and reach.  The platform can help you gain a highly relevant following—ready and willing to promote your content.  Tweepi works by providing the Twitter handles of influencers relevant to your industry and lists of their followers—individuals who have already chosen to follow tweeters who tweet about your industry and other relevant topics.  You can choose whom to follow by ticking the box next to their name.  In engaging with a high-volume of relevant Twitter users, the number of followers you acquire and the activity of your Twitter account could multiply exponentially.  Tweepi is a pathway to rapidly multiply your Twitter influence and the reach of your content.

Content Syndication

Sharing your content on syndication sites like Business 2 Community and Social Media Today can help you reach a much larger captive audience.

Social Media Sharing

You should be sharing your content on all the major social networks, including Facebook,  TwitterGoogle+ and LinkedIn.  Social media sharing is an effective way to increase readership and the social exposure of your content.

Social Bookmarking

Posting your content to popular social bookmarking sites, such as Digg, StumbleUpon and, can be a great source of traffic, backlinks and increased reach.

If you are able to create unique, valuable, highly shareable content, others will promote it for you.  However, you should help expedite the process by actively participating in industry discourse and engaging with your social following.  Strategic content promotion can improve your SEO, increase website traffic and promote higher lead generation.  Without high-quality content creation, you will not be able to generate social capital with your content, and your website and business as a whole could suffer as a result.  Creating share-worthy content and working to magnify its exposure and influence could help you be recognized as an industry thought leader, increase your reach, generate and convert more leads, and achieve higher new business generation.