You know that content marketing is a crucial part of any brand. 60% of content marketers publish at least one piece of content per day. Great content is what convinces people that you’re a company to be trusted. Making content people actually care about isn’t an easy venture. The writing time is the shortest part of the process.

This article will show you the secrets of writing super profitable content that gets people to click.

Find Out Who Your Audience Is

The reason why firms find that people don’t care about their content is because they’re writing content for a huge generalized audience. This is no use and doesn’t benefit anyone. Content in this day and age has to be written for a small audience.

Writing for a big audience fails to differentiate you from the massive amount of competition you’re competing against today. There’s more content online than at any other point in history. Without a firm niche and your own loyal followers, it’s game over.

Evergreen content has its place. For garnering the most attention for your brand it comes a long way behind trending content. Most evergreen content published by brands has little way of standing out from the crowd. You need to stand out from the crowd and the only way you’re going to do that is by talking about something that has its own buzz.

So how are you going to make sure your work fits in with the trends and what your customers like?

The easy way to do this is to monitor the influencers in your industry. Tag the big brands on social media and figure out what they’re talking about. They’re the most likely entities to talk about what’s happening right now. They’re the ones who’re going to be reporting industry news.

Put your own spin on a current trend.

Get the Right Mindset

To create content people care about, you have to adopt the right mindset when approaching every piece. Always think: How is my content improving someone else’s life?

The content people share either has to shock or it has to enhance. The chances are you’re not relevant enough to shock the world with your announcements and opinions, so you have to enhance the life of the reader instead. This is about giving them an education.

Every piece of content you create should finish on a final lesson. Make the five minutes they spent reading your blog the most worthwhile five minutes they’ll spend that day.

Become a Personality

The chances are your content isn’t 100% original. You’re not a special snowflake and someone else in the world will have written something similar to you with the same message. But what nobody can copy is your personality.

Don’t be afraid to infuse your personality into the work. If you’ve got a naturally sarcastic tone of voice, make sure that appears in the writing. A lot of readers will read a blog purely because of the person writing it. They love the writing style and that makes them care about what they’re reading.

How Do You Know if Someone Cares About Your Content?

Making someone care about your content is difficult, but finding out whether they care is even harder. You need to keep in touch with your regular readers to find out if you’re giving them what they want.

This is where the value of a mailing list comes in. Someone signing up to your list enables you to send them surveys to find out more about how they feel about your brand. Discovering someone’s opinion isn’t easy because most people don’t take the time to comment on blogs these days.

One place you can monitor to find out what someone thinks is social media. Take a look at the reactions you’re getting to your articles. Don’t just focus on the comments. Look at the number of likes and shares. You’ll often have to study customer behavior to find out exactly what people think.

Last Word – Trial and Error

Content marketing is like everything else in that you have to go through a long trial and error process to get things right. It’s far from easy to get right because there’s so much competition and consumers are faced with huge amounts of content every single day.

It requires an investment of both time and money to get things right. What do you think is the most important part of a successful content marketing campaign?