Use These 4 Content Marketing Resources to Improve Your Process

make-your-content-marketing-efficient-with-these-4-toolsToday I have some content marketing resources to help you improve your measurement and strategy. Here’s four links with tips and tricks to kick start your Monday.

The demand for great content is increasing with the rise of mobile usage. The right tools can help you create the best articles tailored for your audience’s needs and desires. Would you like to improve your content strategy? Take advantage of these online resources, and let me know how these work for you!

Manage your content all from one place. Content Launch allows you to focus on the performance of your articles and shows you what is working and what is not. The software helps you stay organized and produce content in an efficient and timely manner. Use this tool to plan your topics, analyze data, keep track of the latest industry trends, and much more.


2) Easy access to a skilled, professional workforce – CrowdSource

If you need to hire someone to help you with writing, transcription, moderation, and data then this resource can provide those services for your business. CrowdSource includes a large database of qualified talent across multiple channels and countries. Workers are fully trained before starting tasks who are accountable to trusted reviewers to make the process the best it can be. This is a cost-effective solution to hiring more staff or finding freelancers who may not be qualified.


3) World-class content from the best writers – Ebyline

If your business has not been able to successfully find the person to create professional articles for your niche then this smart service can help. Ebyline is a resource that connects you with the to authors who write original and fresh content that your audience will want to read. There are over 2,000 freelancers to choose from who have worked with top publishers like ESPN, Self Magazine, NPR, and more. Payment can be made through the tool and provides the necessary 1099s forms for tax purposes.


4) Attract a larger audience with interactive content – Ion Interactive

Would you like to increase your subscribers and conversion rates by going beyond text, video and images? Ion Interactive provides interactive experiences that encourage engagement without the need for coding. The intuitive tool helps you create white papers, infographics, contests, and more with simple customization. This resource will save you hours while providing the best content your audience will love.


Hopefully you will find these content marketing resources useful to your online strategy. Are there any that you would like to add as well?