Attract More Leads With Magnetic Marketing

magnetic-content-marketing-equals-unique-problem-solvingMagnetic content is perhaps the most important part of becoming successful online. This is because your content can make or break your business – the better it is, the more people will read it and share it with others. If it’s boring or doesn’t answer the needs of your community, just one click of the browser and they are gone.

So what is magnetic marketing?

Basically, it just means having content that attracts visitors. The content on many sites is simply low quality. If you think that search engine marketing is feeding content that isn’t meaningful, relevant or unique to your market, or if yours is just a me-too site, you will not attract many people who will come back for a second look, let alone share with others.

Working with individuals who are new online, I will often see them writing content, just to write something. If you are doing that to exercise the content creation muscle – great! But as you progress, learn to be a resource.

What PROBLEM can you share solutions for that are unique and from your perspective?

Growth marketing advisor and speaker, Angie Schottmuller, points out in an article on Convince & Convert that in order to stand out to your audience you need to employ a “Triangle of Relevance” illustrated here:


Schottmuller defines each point in this process:

Business interest — Your base products or services including the brand message and target audience

User interest — What turns your audience on including their personal interests, likes, and dislikes

Time significance — Anything relevant to your community such as the latest trends, special events, holidays, etc.

Three Steps on How to Create Magnetic Content

So how do you write compelling content?

One of the first methods is to look at the content already out there about your topic. Try to find authority sites in your industry, or popular forums. They are the most likely to have a lot of content about your subject.

Then take note of the main points being discussed. This will give you an idea of what to write about.

Pay particular attention to the questions being asked. For instance, in golf forums a lot of people might be asking how to hit the ball farther. If that’s the case, then can you offer a solution with a unique perspective?

Another idea is to read sales letters related to your topic, and see the main benefits being emphasized. This is how to know what to write about.

How do you find the answers to the questions?

Obviously, you can locate them online. However, if you can tell a story about how you overcame the problem yourself, people are going to trust you more. This is why you might want to pick a topic you have knowledge of.

Telling your story gives you credibility.

Telling a personal story related to the product is always a great credibility booster. It means people can relate to you and they will feel that you know exactly what they are going through.

How should you answer the question?

In a simple and systematic way. Don’t overload them with information, and don’t just include random, disjointed tips. Instead, provide the answer in a step-by-step format to make it easy to follow.

Remember, the success you experience will be in direct proportion to the number of people you help. And the best way to help people is to first identify their problems, and then provide a clear solution – This is what will attract people to your site and see you as the solution provider.

Your visitors will refer their friends to your site, which will make your content viral. Make sure your website is setup for social media sharing to make it easy for them. And if your writing is really good, other webmasters will likely post your content on their site with attribution. This will give you some added referral traffic.

The bottom line is, the quality of your content will make or break your online business. If you identify the needs of your market and meet them, you will get more visitors and gain more prospects, leads and sales.

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