Stop wasting people’s time – Too many people regurgitate news that everyone already knows. This type of content is really getting old. You see it all the time on Twitter.

Make sure your content is supported by pictures – Personal pictures are much better than stock pictures, but all pictures can help drive home points in your article. Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest show the power of images. People can relate more to words and pictures together.

Get to the point – I think the best content is that content that gets right to the heart of the discussion. Also, reinforcing a main point is also a very good idea. Make sure people know what the point of your article was. As an author I stick to a couple of points and make sure people understand how I am thinking.

Don’t write for SEO, Keywords, Google – I think my best writing comes from people who write with passion and talk about their personal experiences. Your articles will get noticed if people today, take the time to read your information and share it. Focus on quality and less on technical metrics and you will be ahead of the game.

Please read this tip if you do not read anything else Too Much Noise


Right now the internet is full of noise. WAY TOO MUCH NOISE!

Instead focus on the following, CREATE A BETTER EXPERIENCE!

In 2016, I started looking at content marketing from an Experience Perspective. I am continually wanting a better experience for myself and others and the only way to do that is to look at this topic and realized I was writing a lot of words that only a few people were reading. If I want people to take the time and read my articles, I need to invest the time to make the information become more alive and easy to remember.

  • Write differently from others
  • Give People Specific Tips or Actions
  • Mention People who’ve helped you become successful
  • Minimize Negative Thoughts, especially those that might seem personal
  • If the content does not add value, leave it out – Less is more

Finally, start looking at content as a means to an end. When I write content that is DEFENSIBLE and PASSIONATE, then I know that I have finally driven my point home.