Yes, it’s lonely at the top…but if you’re on top, you’re looking down on your competition.

A strong brand stands out from the competition visually, in its messaging and through its customers’ experiences. But you’ve got to shout it from the mountaintops: content marketing is an extremely effective way to brand and market your business.

Content marketing is the show and tell aspect of promoting your business — recounting your brand’s stories and sharing valuable, relevant, helpful information with your ideal customer.

If you’re not engaging in Content Marketing, think about this:

“86% of B2C marketers use content marketing and 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing.” (Source: eMarketer)

If you are thinking about engaging in Content Marketing…but need a starting point…ask the following:

  • Is anyone writing a blog that speaks specifically to your ideal client?

  • Is there content available that addresses the exact issues that your clients face?

  • Does anyone out there have your special expertise and experience…and knowledge to address those issues?

  • Are your customers receiving information, on a consistent basis, that they need?

If not, it should be you.

You should create and publish content that answers the questions your clients ask every day, provide material that’s relevant and helpful to your customers and that showcases your particular expertise.


Distributing your ideas, your helpful advice, the news you can broadcast will:

  • Build credibility for your business
  • Establish trust in you and your business
  • Define yourself as the “go-to” expert in your field
  • Expand your reputation
  • Provide a vehicle for your to be in regular contact with potential customers
  • Separate you from the competition

Every day, you hear, read, view material, every day, about your industry. You might think, “I know that!” “I could have written that.” “My customers would really benefit from knowing this.” But if you create that material, then you can “make it yours” – – state it in your own words and voice, written in your own style, with your own opinion — and with the added “something extra” that only you bring to your business.

Whether you blog, send an email newsletter, write an article or case study, deliver a presentation, post social media updates or give a webinar — you are telling the story of your brand — and your story is different than that of any other company out there.

Content marketing can separate you from the pack and build your brand — it can carry you to the top of your field. Lonely? Maybe. Visible? Definitely.