Home Runs of the Week

In case you’re wondering, there was no shortage of exceptional blog content this week due to Thanksgiving. If anything, our RSS feeds were even smarter than usual. From a comprehensive round-up of LinkedIn statistics to an analysis of Pinterest contest rules, there’s an abundance of actionable info at your fingertips. We hope you’re not suffering drowsiness from the tryptophan in turkey leftovers, because this week’s round-up is outstanding:

20 Awesome Facts about LinkedIn – 2012 Edition

You know when you find a blog post that’s so incredibly great that you just have to add it to your favorites? This won’t be the last time we link to Shift Digital’s latest post on the IMA blog, thanks to their content creator Samantha Collier’s fabulous work curating the latest statistics on LinkedIn. Did you know that there are over 175,000 LinkedIn profiles created each day? Or that the latest update to LinkedIn’s homepage has resulted in 200% more social media interaction? If you’re not promoting your blog content on LinkedIn, sounds like it’s time to start. Learn the other 18 shocking and fresh facts here.

Why The New Pinterest Contest Rules (Mostly) Make Sense.

Giving your brand a boost on social media through a contest is usually a pretty effective tactic to triple your followers overnight. If you fail to plan the contest well or research the network’s rules throughly ahead of time, the results can be disastrous. Pinterest, the prettiest social media network on the block, has recently clamped down on brands who are having their fans vote through repins or likes. Social media blogger Lisa Kalner Williams argues this change can actually benefit brands, fans and the network. Get the full scoop here.

Top 5 SEO Projections for 2013.

2012 was a wild year filled with updates to the Google search algorithm. What worked in January is now no longer effective. While few people aside from Google’s web spam lead Matt Cutts can predict what’s going to boost your ranking in 6 months, Yogini and SEO blogger Celina Conner took a hack at figuring it all out. Her predictions? Well for one, Conner believes that low-quality guest posting will cease to do anyone favors because many black hat SEOs are already using them to manipulate rankings. Read the rest here.

11 Reasons to be Thankful in 2012 – Inbound Marketing Edition

Here at IMA, we’re all thankful for the modern inbound marketing strategy and tools that make lead capture and conversion much easier than it used to be. Because, who wants to cold call prospects when you could just write some really smart blog content? Kudos to Maddie Weber of Kuno Creative for covering 11 things that benefit us all. From marketing automation to hashtags as a viable tool for communication, there’s a ton of reasons that marketing in 2012 is a great thing to do. Learn more here.

The fermata

Hardly a week goes by where we’re not blown away by something Seth Godin shares on his personal blog. There’s a reason why he has upwards of 220,000 followers on Twitter – Godin is pretty brilliant. This week, he integrates the musical concept of a fermata into marketing – the sign on a score acts as a note from the composer for the conductor to “hold the pause as long as you like.” Godin argues that earning attention is a precious thing, and we should take care to communicate what we need once that attention is earned. Don’t waste their time, but be sure to earn the respect you deserve. Dive in here.

Did you publish or discover any outstanding content on inbound marketing strategy this week? Share in the notes, and we may pass you some link love in next week’s post!