In previous posts I’ve looked at the importance of content, so this time i’m going to discuss all of the basics you will need to think about and take into account when you come to write your content.

Before you can write your content you need to plan. Start by thinking about each of the individual content pages you have on your website and list them all, a basic bullet pointed list is generally sufficient for this. If you are re-writing content for an existing website you just need to make a list of the pages you have.

Website content writing

Plan key messaging and write around that

Next, you need to think about the information that people will need to enable them to make an informed decision about buying your services or products. As well as deciding what key information you need to get across, you’ll need to start thinking about the best way to present this information.

Nothing is quite as dull or off-putting as paragraph after paragraph of text

This is where many businesses fall down. Hard facts and technical data are often entirely necessary but to present your service or products in a compelling way, it takes more than dry facts and text and this can be a tough one to get right. Too informal and familiar and you risk sounding unprofessional, too formal and factual and you risk boring your readers and losing potential leads.

Ooh pictures, we love a good picture!

Pictures are good, use them frequently to break up text and add interest. Quotes are a great way of highlighting key information and breaking up text; tables and graphs are a good way to display complex or comparison data and headlines are essential to the structure of your page. Using a mixture of content will ensure your website visitors stay engaged, buying you more time to win them over.

Be clever, be intriguing and invite curiosity

Not only do headlines break up vast blocks of text, but they offer readers a quick at-a-glance clue to what the following text is about. A good headline is informative, relevant and entices your reader to continue reading so it is critical to get this part right as strong headlines will help to elevate your copy.

Information and facts are all well and good, but great copy needs to be engaging

The art of website copy writing rests upon the ability to present important information in a way that is interesting and engaging. Personality counts for a lot but that doesn’t mean you need to lapse into informal speech, you can still be entirely human, likeable and interesting whilst maintaining professional credibility.

Copy writing tips you can take away

  • Highlight all of the benefits and/or problems your service or products can solve
  • Include information on how to use your service or products
  • Be sure to highlight your USPs, this will help give people a reason to choose you over your competitors
  • Mix up your content so that you use pictures, graphics, text, quotes and headlines
  • Include strong calls to action e.g. ‘contact us now for a free quote’
  • Include detailed service and/or delivery information
  • The point of all your copy is to inform, persuade and convert, never lose sight of that and keep those goals in mind
  • Include attractive, high quality pictures wherever possible or video content which is even better

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