Small businesses traditionally have small advertising budgets. Undoubtedly one of the best ways to compete on a shoestring with the big guys is via social media, and there’s no doubt that YouTube is a giant in this field.

Over the last few years, YouTube has fast become the sought after destination for the business community. As the largest social media site, it is the perfect platform for promoting your business.
A success story…

Two and a half years ago, Orabrush was an unrecognized start up trying to sell products that help bad breath. Now the small business makes $10 million in annual sales. The Orabrush success story illustrates how a small business in Salt Lake City used a YouTube channel to sell over 1 million units of its tongue cleaner.

The story behind Orabrush:

“Dr Bob” – a biochemist had been trying for 10 years to market his invention with no luck. After several failed attempts to get the product on store shelves using traditional methods, Dr. Bob joined forces with Harmon, then a student at Brigham Young University, who believed that the tongue brush could find success online. The company launched a single video on YouTube to promote their product, it went viral and since then they have cultivated a massive, online following.

In case you missed it, here’s the original video that sparked the phenomenon:

On Sept. 20, 2011, the company announced the immediate availability of the Orabrush tongue cleaner at 3,500 Walmart stores throughout the United States, an accomplishment credited to Orabrush’s large online following and success on YouTube.
Take a watch of this video, which describes how Orabrush managed to get into Walmart stores:

Orabrush is the first company to have gone from having no distribution, to nationwide retail distribution, solely as a result of their YouTube success. The humour that drives their campaign is a definite contributing factor behind their success story.

Whilst on the subject of humour, Blendtec are another company that has used this quality to benefit greatly from YouTube success.


The origins behind Blendtec’s “Will it Blend?” YouTube Series:

Blendtec started “Will it Blend” back in October 2007. The rumor goes that their then, Vice President of Sales and Marketing George Wright had only 50 dollars for a marketing budget and nothing reserved for SEO.

The genius of Blendtec’s campaign is its simplicity. Blendtec set up a nice backdrop, bought a product and destroyed it with a blender. They have continued with this winning formula ever since.

Blendtec cleverly play on the fact that their CEO is a bit quirky and likes to tinker with blenders in a way that most people wouldn’t. The transparency that they offer viewers into the nature of their company has made them millions of dollars.

The Blendtec campaign shows that as a business you mustn’t be afraid to have a little fun and show the world that there are real people that run your company. Blendtec look for suggestions from their fans on their Facebook page for inspiration for their new videos and the specific products that fans would like to see put in a blender.

Check out this great tongue-in-cheek video that Blendtec produced after Justin Bieber launched his autobiography at the ripe old age of 17, that has achieved 1,723,369 views to date:

Business Blueprint run by Dale Beaumont

Business blueprint is an Australian business education and mastermind program founded by 16 times best-selling author Dale Beaumont.

With 26,166 views business blueprint’s channel certainly is not doing badly.
A successful YouTube channel relies upon frequent channel activity – Business Blueprint upload videos onto their channel sometimes on a daily basis. Whilst I’m definitely not suggesting that quantity should ever rule over quality (uploading masses of poor quality videos would definitely not be worthwhile) nevertheless, at the same time it is important to keep your channel active and your viewers engaged.

Whether you are hosting, sponsoring or attending an event, raise the profile of your business or sponsorship values via presence or a commentary.

If you have a few minutes, take a watch of this video, ‘How to gain trust with customers’ which was recorded at the Business Blueprint annual conference in Thailand, February 2012:

Silicon Republic – a channel for technology reviews

Silicon Republic is Ireland’s No. 1 resource for technology news. Their channel focuses on what they do best, reviews.

Here is their review that they uploaded four months ago of the new iPhone 4S:

Silicon Republic generally uploads reviews on a monthly basis and each review they upload attracts a significant number of views.

Whenever they do upload a review you can guarantee that it will be both clear and informative and will really help the viewer to reach a decision about whether or not to purchase this new product.

Interspersed amongst their reviews are interviews with leading figures in the technology industry about topical news.

Top tips for the content in your video marketing:

The key to building an audience is to provide content, which is both useful and relevant. Remember to create content for the viewer and not just for yourself. The following points, suggested by YouTube, are particularly relevant for B2B communication:

  • Product showcases & Demos – Build momentum for a product by keeping potential customers updated on new and upcoming releases.
  • How-to & Expert advice – Build trust with your users by sharing best practice tips. Video is a highly engaging format and YouTube provides the platform for dialogue.
  • Case studies & Editorial support – Promote your work and success stories, showcase your services with results and testimonials.
  • Conferences / Events – Whether you are hosting, sponsoring or attending an event, raise the profile of your business or sponsorship values via presence or a commentary.
  • Thought leadership – Demonstrate your industry leadership and put your brand out there as a leader with a strong message to deliver.

Above all, it often pays to be a little bit original or even quirky. As is the case with Blendtec, remember that simplicity often works wonders too.